Eating Celery Makes You Super Sexy!

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It’s true! If you’re male and regularly eat celery, your attractiveness will increase. This is down to the fact that celery contains the male hormone androsterone and when consumed raw by men it causes the release of pheromones, which can trigger female attraction. Androsterone can also lift your mood and is quite an effective anti-depressant.

According to BodyAndSoul website, there are many other foods that can make you more attractive and boost your sex drive. They report:

If you want to get your mojo back or increase your chances of conceiving, raw foods are the way to go, says Maz Pugoy, owner and chef at a raw food cafe based in Sydney.

“Consuming live, natural, unprocessed foods can improve our fertility and sex drive as well as our overall health and wellbeing,” Pugoy says. “Plus they taste delicious, too.”

Here are her top foods to get you back into gear if your energy levels and libido have been flagging.

1 Almonds

Almonds contain omega-3 and fatty acids to help produce testosterone in men, Pugoy says. They also contain vitamins E and B2, magnesium and calcium. “In my research I’ve found that the smell of almonds is also supposed to be an aphrodisiac for women,” Pugoy adds.How to use them: Sprinkle them over cereal or crush them up in smoothies. “Almond milk is a good alternative to dairy and tastes delicious,” Pugoy adds.
2 Avocado

Avocado contains high levels of folic acid which helps boost energy levels. “It also contains vitamin B6 and potassium which help increase male hormone production. The Aztecs referred to the avocado tree as ahuacatl or ‘testicle tree’ because of its associated fertility benefits,” Pugoy says.How to use it: “Make fresh guacamole or even use it as a sweet dish by blending a whole avocado with a quarter of a cup of cacao and a quarter of a cup of a natural sweetener such as coconut nectar or brown rice syrup to make a lovely mousse,” Pugoy says.
3 Bananas

Bananas are a great source of B-group vitamins and potassium, both used in sex hormone production. Vitamin B also helps maintain energy levels. “Bananas help boost the male libido,” Pugoy says.How to use them: The best way to eat bananas is raw, says Pugoy. “You’re always going to get the nutrients regardless of whether you eat a food in a raw or cooked state, but the higher the temperatures in cooking the more the enzymes are affected.” So if you want to nibble on banana bread now and then, that’s fine.
4 Basil

Basil is a feel-good herb, helping produce a general sense of wellbeing. “Basil also boosts your circulation which in turn helps your libido,” Pugoy says. “The scent is also believed to stimulate arousal. Italian courtesans were believed to use basil oil as a perfume to attract their customers.”How to use it: Use the fresh leaves to add flavour to salads, sandwiches, spreads, soups and sauces.
5 Maca

Maca is a root vegetable from Peru and is frequently touted as a natural Viagra, Pugoy says. “It’s considered to be the uber superfood to increase sex drive in men and women, and it also helps increase sperm count. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which work to increase energy levels. In men, it can help with erectile dysfunction, and for women it is said to increase sex drive and fertility.”How to use it: It’s best to start by adding just a small amount to your diet, then see what doseage suits you. “Add a teaspoon of maca powder to smoothies or use it when you’re baking,” Pugoy suggests.
6 Cardamom

Cardamom is a natural alternative to Viagra, as it is believed to help counter male impotence. “Cardamom contains cineole, a compound that increases blood flow to the sexual organs,” Pugoy says.How to use it: “Add it to chai tea with some maca powder to make a powerful tonic,” Pugoy suggests.
7 Celery

Celery contains the male hormone androsterone, and when consumed raw by men it causes the release of pheromones, which can trigger female attraction. Androsterone is also believed to have mood elevating properties.How to use it: “Fill the raw stalks with almond or macadamia butter and sprinkle raisins on top,” Pugoy says.
8 Garlic

Garlic contains allicin, a highly powerful compound that improves blood flow to the sexual organs, Pugoy says. “It’s best consumed raw, and must be crushed first. Garlic is also really good for boosting your immunity. You might need to use some mints after eating it though.”How to use it: Add raw, crushed garlic to guacamole, hummus or other spreads.
9 Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is important for testosterone production in men and helps boost libido. “They are also very high in omega-3 fatty acids, which act as a precursor for prostaglandins, which play a key role in sexual health,” Pugoy adds.How to use it: “Put it in trail mix, sprinkle over cereal, add them to smoothies or toss through salads,” Pugoy says.
10 Asparagus

“Asparagus is very high in vitamin E, which is often thought of as being important for sleep but is also important for libido,” Pugoy says. Asparagus also contains folate, which is important for women trying to conceive as it is essential for healthy foetal development.

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