German Politician Prosecuted for Criticizing Gang Rapes by Migrants

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German politician prosecuted for speaking out against migrant gang rapes

A German politician has been prosecuted by the government for daring to criticize the country’s escalating rape crisis caused by migrants.

A report by the German outlet Kreiszeitung notes that District council member Marie-Thérèse Kaiser of the AfD Party shared a post on social media in 2021 regarding refugee resettlement, asking the question “Afghan refugees, welcome culture for group rapes?” reports: She included a link to government stats that highlighted a massive disproportion in the number of Afghan migrants who have committed gang rapes in Germany compared to other foreigners and native Germans.

Kaiser has stated that the question she asked was justified because of the statistics, adding that as a candidate for the Bundestag, she wanted to initiate a debate.

She also stated that as a woman, she feels threatened by groups of men with a migrant background, especially on public transport, and wants to protect other women, and is concerned that uncontrolled immigration is making the country more dangerous.

The judge who found her guilty of incitement proclaimed that “Freedom of expression ends where human dignity begins,” the article further notes.

Commenting on the verdict, Kaiser said “The whole world is astonished by this decision by the German courts. After even Elon Musk picked up on my case, I have received numerous messages of support and press inquiries. The demand for a way to donate is also becoming louder and louder.”

She added, “My trust in the German rule of law was once again severely shaken yesterday, but all the letters give me courage and confidence.”

As we have repeatedly highlighted, crime in Germany has exploded to levels not seen in close to a decade, with a huge increase in migrants committing offences, especially violent crimes.

Statistics from the German Interior Ministry released last month show that the number of foreign suspects rocketed up to around 923,000 in 2023, correlating to a whopping 18 percent increase in just one year.

The data further shows that 41 percent of all crime suspects in Germany are foreigners, despite only representing 15 percent of the total population.

Overall there has been a massive 14.5% increase in the number of non-German suspects of violent crime.

The report notes that there has been a 5.5% increase in crime and an 8.6% rise in violent crime in 2023, which is now at a 15 year high.

Opposition parties on the right, including AfD, have argued that the data shows the urgent need for a cap on immigration, and have argued that such ‘integration’ policies are a key component of the coalition government’s race to naturalize millions of foreigners, thereby masking the truth of who is behind the crime surge.

Indeed, the stats don’t even provide the full shocking picture of what is happening because many of the “German” suspects are really foreigners who have obtained German citizenship, or they are Second or third generation migrants.

Yet the left wing government is adamant that the real ‘extremist’ threat in Germany are conservative Germans.

After sustained mass migration to the country and the explosion in crime, Germans are now expressing widespread opposition.

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