Bombshell Study Finds Bird Flu ‘Leaked’ From Gain-of-Function USDA Lab – Media Blackout

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A new study indicates the HPAI H5N1 viral bird flu outbreak was likely caused by lab leaks from the USDA Poultry Lab in Athens, GA, and the Erasmus Medical Center (NL), both of which have been performing gain-of-function research on bird flu.

The McCullough Foundation study locates the proximal origin of the avian influenza currently being reported on isolated farms throughout North America, finding that H5N1 clade likely originated in the government laboratory in Athens, GA.

According to the McCullough Fund study, genetic evidence and historical context suggest that laboratory activities, including serial passage and the notoriously dangerous gain-of-function research, likely contributed to the emergence of H5N1 clade

The Biden administration is now pushing for mass vaccinations against the bird flu, while the mainstream media and fact checkers are busy suppressing the information contained in the McCullough Foundation study, making it all highly suspicious.

Further coincidences include the fact the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute produced a H5N1 in May and was already preparing for global distribution when the first human case was reported in the news.

Are we in the early days of Plandemic 2.0? Gain-of-function was the same technology used in the NIH-funded Wuhan Institute of Virology and the development of the COVID vaccine.

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The McCullough study concludes by issuing an urgent call for a moratorium on gain-of-function research to prevent a man-made influenza pandemic affecting animals and humans.

Gain of function research has enabled the jump into a wide array of water fowl and mammals,” said Dr. Peter McCullough. “We should shut down gain-of-function bio-labs inside our borders as a national security measure.”

The USDA Poultry Lab in Athens, Georgia has been linked to the bird flu outbreak

Following the first human fatality in Mexico yesterday, questions must be asked about the timing of the latest WHO plandemic.

Right on cue

Isolated farms throughout America are all winding up with the same incurable strains of bird flu and the only common denominator are the state agents testing for it.

Are these agents testing or infecting?

Aren’t these birds and cows essentially locked down in their own homes, like we were during Covid?

Shouldn’t that “stop the spread”?

It’s almost as if we need a global food shortage by 2025 to reset the global economy, just as the global elite have been warning us for the last twelve months.

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