VIDEO: Biden Rushed Away by Wife After Shi*ting Himself During D-Day Celebration

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Biden rushed away after crapping his pants during D-Day celebrations this week.

Videos from Joe Biden’s Thursday appearance at a French ceremony honoring the 80th anniversary of the D-day invasion of Normandy, France, shows the U.S. president defecating in his pants before being rushed away by his wife Jill.

While onstage, Biden shook French President Emmanuel Macron’s hand then suddenly hunched over and stood in a bent over position for an awkward few seconds while Macron’s wife looked over in disgust. reports: Next, Joe was suddenly whisked away by his wife Jill while the ceremony was still taking place.

This type of exit is typically reserved for moments when national security calls on a world leader to take immediate action.

With Biden having the reputation of a dementia-ridden man who poops his pants from time to time, hundreds of internet users speculated an “accident” may be the reason behind his odd posture and sudden departure.

The suspected poop incident took place less than 24 hours after Alex Jones went on an epic rant about his sources who tell him Joe Biden frequently craps his pants.

Before potentially soiling himself in front of the world, Biden talked with ABC News about his visit to Normandy, D-day, and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Biden, an infamous habitual liar, claimed he’d known Vladimir Putin for forty years and used the interview to promote the continuation of the deadly Ukraine conflict.

It’s technically possible Putin knew Biden that long ago, but that would mean KGB officer Putin and U.S. Senator Biden were affiliated back in 1984.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Biden was asked about Putin’s hard line on U.S. weapons being used in Russian territories.

Sleepy Joe explained the weapons are only approved for strikes on the Russia-Ukraine border, not further into the country in places such as Moscow.

It’s unclear if Russian leaders will see the border-centric strikes as crossing their red line, but WWIII could erupt if the situation is mishandled.

Mainstream media is severely downplaying the very real threat of all-out war taking place with maniacal Democrats steering the White House ship.

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