New Utah Law Bans Unvaccinated Children From Attending School

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The most fundamental right of the child in the civilized world—the inalienable right to an education—has been taken away from children in Utah.

One of the most fundamental rights of the child in the civilized world — the inalienable right to an education — has been taken away from children in Utah. Children in the Beehive State who are unvaccinated will be expelled from school under a draconian new law coming into effect next month. 

HB 308, signed into law in 2017 by Governor Gary Herbert, has changed the vaccine rules for Utah students. Beginning July 1, 2018, students who are not vaccinated will only be admitted into to school for 21 days on a conditional basis. After 21 days, the unvaccinated student will be expelled unless vaccinated or a valid exemption is presented.

Those parents who are looking to obtain an exemption will have to complete an “online education module” no doubt produced in the style of the 1950’s Red Scare telling them all about deadly pandemics hiding under every bed and Russian anti vaxxer bots working tirelessly to destroy the fabric of America. Parents who refuse will be required to have an “in-person consultation with a public health official.”

Natural Blaze reports: In other words, parents who choose to exercise their rights will be bullied and threatened into vaccinating their children. If parents still refuse, they will forced to sit through a re-education film. If they refuse further still, they will be confronted (the greatest fear of some) by an “official” aka an “authority.” All for exercising ones basic rights, parents will now be forced to sit in an interrogation room with an “authority figure” a la O’Brien out of George Orwell’s 1984. Depending on your region, your experience may range from Orwellian intimidation to comedic stupidity, and thus O’Brien may resemble the Postmaster General from Seinfeld more than the deviant genius of the Orwell book. But the general message is the same – vaccinate or you will have to come face to face with the “authorities” and explain yourself.

But while you are being re-educated by the “authority” figure, you might find it a great opportunity to ask just how something like health and healthcare went from being a service to an “authority” in the first place?

Still, Utah Channel 4 news outlet (Good4Utah) quoted Granite School District lead nurse Cescilee Rall as stating, “Don’t ever guess. Don’t ever take it for granted your child will be OK without getting vaccinated. Really get the facts.”

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