Gates Insider Admits Elite Planning to Euthanise BILLIONS via Bird Flu Vaccine 

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A Gates Foundation insider has revealed America's food supply will be deliberately infected with bird flu to spark the next pandemic and pave the way for Bill Gates' next money-spinning vaccine to conquer the global market.

A Gates Foundation insider has revealed America’s food supply will be deliberately infected with bird flu to spark the next pandemic and pave the way for Bill Gates’ next money-spinning vaccine to conquer the global market.

As mainstream media reports on the fear of a mass contagion event this week after bird flu fragments were mysteriously found in grocery store milk, it just so happens that Gates has a lucrative bird flu vaccine entering trials.

And it also just so happens that the Gates Foundation is already working behind the scenes to organize urgent global distribution of the bird flu vaxx.

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Gates is doubling down on his attack on the global food supply, manufacturing another crisis and ordering his bought-and-paid for media outlets to generate the fear necessary to further the globalist agenda.

The elite are using the tried and tested Problem Reaction Solution matrix. They intentionally cause a problem, use the media to provoke a terrified reaction from the public, and then they roll out the solution.

Remember the Covid pandemic? By the time the elite rolled out the vaccines, after months of media hype, the brainwashed public were desperately rolling up their sleeves to get their does of poison pumped into their arms.

We have identified the problem of bird flu in the pasteurized milk supply and we have seen the reaction of the mainstream media as they instill terror in the minds of the gullible public.

So what is the solution? According to Gates, the solution is a new experimental H5N1 mRNA vaccine that he just so happens to be pushing through the trial phase as we speak.

There are four vaccines licensed for avian influenza, however none are currently approved for the more dangerous H5N1 bird flu strain.

Gates appears set to cash in on the crisis, publishing a disturbing statement on a global agreement to distribute his vaccine around the world, before the vaccine has even been approved.

But Gates has every right to be smugly confident. Let’s face it. He isn’t only paying off the media. He owns the regulators too.

The globalist billionaire with the uncanny timing is set to reap another massive windfall with the bird flu vaccine, but if you are still unconvinced Gates is behind the crisis, wait until you hear who has been working on gain-of-function experiments to make bird flu more lethal to humans.

The fact is the usual suspects have left their fingerprints all over this crime scene.

The Biden administration through the USDA has been exposed collaborating with a Chinese military lab working on enhancing the lethality of bird flu viruses and increasing their transmission rate to humans.

Paying attention now?

Eighteen Congressional members have questioned the Department of Agriculture regarding this initiative, which was first reported by Daily Mail.

This project is part of a $1 million partnership between the USDA and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which just so happens to manage the Wuhan laboratory implicated in the Covid lab leak.

It is an election year after all.

What are the odds that Gates, the Biden administration, and Fauci before his retirement just so happened to be funding gain-of-function experiments into bird flu just before it jumped to humans through the US food supply – and Gates just so happened to have a vaccine ready?

Honestly, they are getting sloppy now. They really think we are stupid.

But it gets even worse.

The manufactured bird flu crisis is the perfect storm for Gates and the globalists and if we are not careful historians of the future will identify it as the moment the elite locked the door on the prison planet and threw away the key.

First, they want to kill millions of cows. The elite began the cull in recent years, however they have been frustrated by the public’s unwillingness to allow them to continue.

We the people love our beef. It has provided high quality nutrition to the human race since time began. We have no interest in consuming Bill Gates’ carcinogenic synthetic beef.

The elite are gambling that the fear instilled in the public will allow them to move ahead with slaughtering hundreds of millions of cows around the world on the pretext of public health and safety.

Mad cow disease was the test run to see how the public would react to the tainted beef supply. The gullible public failed that collective IQ test and now the elite are convinced we will fail again.

But it’s not just about beef. It’s about birds too – chickens, specifically.

Gates has already made plans to vaccinate 33 billion chickens around the world with mRNA. That’s a fortune in terms of vaccine revenue for Gates – but it’s also the first phase of a multi-step plan that has been in the works for years.

33 is obviously a very symbolic number for the elite and we see it all the time. The reality is, the so-called bird flu or H5N1 is vaccine-induced illness and nothing more.

The illness becomes a perpetual circle that leads to further injections and antibiotics which cause more illness, both in the birds themselves and the humans who consume them.

It’s blatantly obvious what’s happening here. The pharmaceutical industrial complex continues to do the work of the anti-humanists to trial run a fun technocratic takeover of mankind.

They utilize fake PCR tests to tell people the chickens are sick. They then inject the chickens with poison that the public then eats which leads to more people getting sick.

This leads them to take further dystopian measures as they mass depopulate chickens, cows and other animals.

This leads to a collapse of the food supply on top of the already existing climate restrictions, World War 3, false flags and economic collapse.

This all then leads to further lockdowns and the public eating mRNA and bug-infused ration foods based on a carbon credit score attached to a central bank digital currency or CBDC.

This new currency and food reset is connected to a unified ledger which tracks and traces everyone to determine their WEF-approved social credit score.

This new dystopian reality forces people to own nothing while living in 15 Minute Cities, better described as techno ghettoes, while facing the conundrum: comply or starve.

There are solutions to this problem right before our eyes, but will enough people wake up in time to take these solutions seriously?

That’s the question.

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