DHS Chief Says Covid Pandemic Is To Blame For Denying Reporters Access To Border Facilities

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Border crisis

Journalists and refugee advocates have demanded an increase in transparency around the child migrant facilities near the southern border.

They have been demanding access to the overcrowded border processing facilities holding the unaccompanied migrant children….and they have been denied.

Rep.Linda Sanchez on Thursday said she didn’t think journalists should be granted access, saying: “I don’t necessarily think that it’s appropriate for journalists to be inside centers that are not permanent places for children”

But on Sunday Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed the coronavirus pandemic for denying the reporters access.

During ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Anchor Martha Raddatz asked the DHS chief, “Mr. Secretary, “I want to stop you there, and I want to know, if you’ve got this great plan, why will you not let the media in? I understand privacy concerns, but will you let them in today or this week?”

Mayorkas replied, “Let me be clear, we’re in the midst of a pandemic. We’re talking about a crowded border patrol station on operations. At the same time, and let me assure you that we are working on a plan to provide access so that people can see what is going on in a border patrol station. I would encourage people to also see a Department of Health and Human Services facility where the children are sheltered, and where they belong, and where we are moving them too.”

I suppose the media should take comfort from Nancy Pelosi’s reassurances this week. She claimed that Joe Biden had the situation at the southern border “under control.”


  1. That are given some access to what is clearly staged for tv little displays of illegals and cops And it’s designed to harvest more children .That’s why they dont want reporters there That’s why Bidens and Nancy’s admin want it kerp hidden They can stop msm ,who arw in it up to their eyeballs from ever covering tbe stories of the thousands of children who go missing ,never to be found again just as they have bern doing with legal children for decades now .Decades And no the thousands of kids that go missing every year didnt dissappear from Little Saint James island alone .Maybe a few but nit the thousands I’m sure science snatches them and takes them to secure locations, many underground where they are then sacrificed in experimentation and other filthy acts by the ” hard working well respected members of their community ‘ .

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