POTUS Urges Citizens to Defend 2nd Amendment: “It’s Under Siege!”

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President Trump tells citizens to defend the second amendment, claiming it is under siege

President Trump has urged American citizens to defend their God-given Second Amendment rights amid increasing draconian lockdown measures imposed by lawmakers.

On Saturday, POTUS suggested the public should “save” their constitutional rights, declaring “it is under siege!”

“LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!” Trump tweeted.


Later that day, during a White House press briefing, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal asked Trump if it was “right time” to bring up Virginian 2A rights issues, citing his earlier tweet.

Partial transcript:

WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTER: On that point though because the tweeting about in the case of Virginia linking second amendment to some of these issues about lifting some of these restrictions in these states and not… a concern for the governors and civil unrest (INAUDIBLE)? 

TRUMP: I think just for that question I think that’s an easy one. That’s not even politics. We are entitled to a second amendment and he’s trying to take the second amendment, meaning that state is trying to take the Democrats in the state, the Republicans are fighting it. They are trying to take that–that second amendment, right, but second amendment right away. To me that’s liberty, that’s when I say liberate Virginia I would say liberate Virginia when that kind of thing happens and where does it all stop? So I think it’s a very good analogy. Go ahead.

QUESTION: Is this the right time to kind of bring in a second amendment issue?

TRUMP: I think when they talk about taking your guns away and if you notice at the beginning of this pandemic there were more guns sold I think that at almost any time in history so it’s obviously a big issue and then you have them working and signing documents trying to take your–your Second Amendment away essentially. So I do think it is an appropriate time to bring it up. Go ahead. Go ahead, second.


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