Texas Residents Rise up Against UnAmerican Lockdown: “Fire Fauci!”

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Texans rise up against unconstitutional lockdown and demand Trump fire Dr. Fauci

Protesters in Texas are demanding the state be reopened and Dr. Anthony Fuaci be fired amid the ongoing lockdown measures.

“Fire Fauci!” a group of people chanted on Saturday.

“Let us work! Let us work!” was another chant shouted by the angry residents.

Dailycaller.com reports: The rally, called “You Can’t Close America,” is just the latest in a number of protests taking part in state capitols across the nation.

Protests have broken out in North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, and several other states.

President Donald Trump appeared to show support to the protesters in a series of tweets Friday, where he called for states to be “liberated.”

“LIBERATE MINNESOTA,” LIBERATE MICHIGAN,” and “LIBERATE VIRGINIA” all appeared in tweets sent by the president.


Trump announced federal guidelines this week for reopening the country.