Trump Declares War On Bush-Rubio Cocaine Operation

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Trump goes to war on the Bush-Rubio cocaine smuggling empire

Russian intelligence agencies have said that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has decided to wage a war on the Rubio-Bush cocaine operation, accusing them of running a “cocaine empire” headed by Florida governor Jeb Bush aided by his right-hand man US Senator Marco Rubio. 

The cocaine operation has been targeted for destruction by Trump’s ‘freemasonic forces’ after being allowed to run for 30-years without impunity.

Russian intelligence officials claim that the Bush family took over the operation following the murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal on 19 February, 1986 – due to his threats of going public. reports:

Seal’s murder, this report continues, has long been concealed by the American “shadow government”, but whose details are:

“Barry Seal was having legal problems (criminal and a huge IRS tax liability) that not even his CIA connections could protect him from and according to Seal’s lawyer Lewis Unglesby, Barry Seal was a threat to testify against Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. In fact, in early 1986 Barry Seal was threatening GHW Bush to get the IRS off his back or he (Seal) was going to blow the whistle on the Contra scheme and CIA drug smuggling.

Two weeks after his argument with Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, Barry Seal was pumped full of bullets and murdered outside his Baton Rouge halfway house on Feb. 19, 1986. The three Colombians who were convicted of the crime thought they were working for Lt. Col. Oliver North of the National Security Council. North’s alias in the 1980’s was “John Cathey.” The personal phone number of George Herbert Walker Bush was found in Seal’s possessions, even after the “men in black” had swept in to pick car of the slaughtered CIA drug smuggler clean of evidence. Years later, Texas Gov. George W. Bush was literally being flown around in what had been the favorite plane of Barry Seal.”

With Seal then dead, this report notes, the Bush Crime Family moved swiftly to take over the lucrative South Florida drug cartel Barry Seal delivered cocaine to targeting, in 1987, Cuban drug kingpin Mario Tabraue and his top captain Orlando Cicilia—who was, and still is, married to US Senator Marco Rubio’s older sister Barbara.

In taking down the Tabraue-Cicilia drug cartel, SVR analysts in this report state, these two kingpins were charged with many crimes, including the brutal torture death, dismemberment and incineration of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) agent Larry Nash—and which on 6 February 1989, Mario Tabraue was sentenced to 100 years, and Orlando Cicilia (Senator Marco Rubio’s brother-in-law) was sentenced to 35 years.

Upon President George W. Bush taking office in 2001, this report continues, both Mario Tabraue and Orlando Cicilia were released from prison (Tabraue in 2003 and Cicilia in 2001), decades before their sentences were completed and put under the “care and control” of Jeb Bush in Florida—and whose major role in this “cocaine empire” was laundering its funds through his Texas Commerce Bank holdings located in the US and Venezuela.

Critical to note about both Mario Tabraue and Orlando Cecilia, an FSB addendum to this report says, are that American “shadow government” disinformation/propaganda tactics have been deployed on the internet attempting to hide true facts regarding them in order to protect the Bush Crime Family—such as the encyclopedia website Wikipedia suddenly deleting last year their pages on Mario Tabraue and DEA agent Larry Nash, US magazine Newsweek lying to its readers about the sentence and release date, the US magazine Mother Jones, likewise, lying about the sentence and release date, leaving only the Washington Post refusing to lie to its readers and correctly stating: “Tabraue got 100 years in prison but would be released early in 2003 after serving 14 years.”

The Washington Post, the FSB further documents in this report, also provided the “central reason” for the Bush Crime Family helping Senator Rubio’s brother-in-law Orlando Cicilia by stating about him: “Cicilia received 35 years, the second-longest sentence, and the jury found him responsible for $15 million in drug sales. The money has never been found.”

SVR intelligence analysts, however, in this report detail, that their search of international banking transactions of the millions of dollars belonging to Orlando Cicilia that were “never found” had, in fact, been paid out to Jeb Bush over a five year period beginning in May 1990—the same month and year that Cicilia’s brother-in-law, Marco Rubio, had been arrested by police in Florida while engaged in “suspicious activity” in a park frequented by homosexuals.

To the young Marco Rubio needing help after his arrest, this report continues, there is not doubt as his homosexual lifestyle was well known—particularly his frequenting of what were called “foam parties” where large numbers of naked men “played” together in water, and his living in what was known locally as a “coke house”.

Marco Rubio attends a gay party at the 'coke house'

Under Jeb Bush’s “guidance”, this report continues, Marco Rubio was trained to be a captain in this “cocaine empire” as one of their main legal advisor-negotiators, and when the Bush Crime Family took notice of his exceptional speaking skills, they then launched him upon his “political path”—and which, stunningly, upon his ascending to the powerful position of majority whip of the Florida House of Representatives, heused his official position to urge state regulators to grant a real estate license to his drug kingpin brother-in-law Orlando Cicilia.

Important to note too, an interesting GRU addendum to this report says, is that like the Freemasonic forces being led today against this Rubio-Bush “cocaine empire” and the American “shadow government” that profits from their illegal drug trafficking, so did American billionaire Ross Perot, in 1992, attempt to destroying them too stating about the Bush Crime Family: “When you look into the [Vietnam POW] prisoner cover-up, you find government officials in the drug trade who can’t break themselves of the habit.  What I have found is a snake pit [CIA drug smuggling] without a bottom. They will do anything to keep this covered up.”

With the Bush Crime Family “primed to murder him”, this report concludes, Ross Perot was, indeed warned a “hit squad” had been contracted to assassinate him or his family causing him quit his US presidential bid to stop these monsters and saying  that it was “a risk I would not take where my daughter is concerned”—but which the Freemasonic forces led by Donald Trump have no apparent fear of now.


  1. Tschah… was interested to read the article till I saw “” quoted. Come on, everybody but everybody knows that is NO “kremlin insider.” It’s some American guy – even his name has been made public – whose IP address is near Langley, ie apparently CIA-related. Ridiculous to even read that site, much less quote and spread the propaganda!

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