‘Protect Survivors, Not Predators’: Former Child Star Protests Hollywood Pedophilia Outside Nickelodeon Studios

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A former child star organized a protest against Hollywood pedophilia outside Nickelodeon’s California studios, years after she and other child stars were the victims of child sex abuse while filming TV shows at the studios.

Alexa Nikolas, the former Zoe 101 child star, led the demonstration and organized it with her group called “Eat Predators.” The brave protestors lined the sidewalks outside of Nickelodeon’s Burbank, California studios with signs asking questions like “How Many NDAs?” and with phrases like “Nickelodeon Failed to Protect Me.”

The “Eat Predators” demonstration drew attention to the rampant pedophilia and culture of silence and intimidation that continues to persist within the children’s network and Hollywood as a whole.

National File report: Nikolas appeared as “Nicole” on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” tv show from 2005 to 2008. The show starred Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of Britney Spears, and dramatized the trials and tribulations of youngsters at a trendy fictional boarding school.

“Zoey 101” and a number of other hit shows of its day were created by notorious Nickelodeon writer and producer Dan Schneider, who has been accused of misconduct, creepiness, and outright pedophilia by a number of former child stars and is said to have a particular fixation on children’s feet, shots of which he regularly included in his television programs.

For years, one of the TV channel’s most recognizable symbols was a gigantic orange footprint with the name Nickelodeon written across it.

Nickelodeon officially cut ties with Schneider in 2018 after allegations made against him started to surface online, despite their best efforts to stifle his underaged accusers with legal documents and cash.

In a memoir recently released by one of Alexa Nikolas’s former Zoey 101 co-stars, Jenette McCurdy, it is detailed that a man named only as “the creator” but widely accepted as being Dan Schneider gave McCurdy alcohol at a young age before pressuring her to accept a “massage” from him. Nickelodeon paid the young girl $300,000 to keep quiet, McCurdy discloses, hence not mentioning the actual name of “the creator” in her memoir.

Nickelodeon, which was owned by now-deceased far-left entertainment kingpin Sumner Redstone, who was credited for decades with helping to advance cultural Marxism through the entertainment of children and teens, has had a monumental fall from the top of children’s entertainment.

Largely, this is the result of parents taking action on their own. Over the years, online review sites and message boards became flush with negative reviews pointing out the open sexualization of kids, particularly young girls, on Nickelodeon programming.

Nickelodeon is far from alone though, in the world of deviancy. In recent years, Disney has taken a front seat in the rampant sexualization of kids as well, advancing a pro-trans agenda in shows marketed to kids as young as preschool age. In Disney’s new “Baymax,” kids are introduced to men with periods and gay relationships among young, animated children.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. I do recall thinjing when I was a child, about 6 or 7, that adults, you know old people over about 12 were so wrinkly and old looking how could they think they were attractive At all.

    • You need to stop trying to normalize the sexualization of teenagers! You are not convincing anyone to change their minds into one like yours. A 13 year old girl is not an adult. There are still some heroes left in the law enforcement agencies of this planet. And if they fail to find you and punish you immediately, that does not mean you will get your way in time. Lolita was based on the rape and kidnapping of a child named Sally Horner. You need to stop glorifying statutory rape. You are a very sick person. You need to fix yourself before the state castrates you. You will learn at some point soon, that it is not okay to manipulate and abuse others, especially the weaker, especially the younger and especially the ones who are more powerless. I call on all the ANGELS to find you and show you your errors before you hurt someone.

  2. Somehow, perhaps inadvertently Virginia Giufres handlers, and yes she had handlers guiding her and her father, getting her into Trumps employ and them moving her to Epstein It wasn’t serendipity It was orchestrated just like the Andy Pandy Jeffery walk on the park was photographed. Somewhere then they knew the truth about the world, and they could have brought Kingdoms crashing down. Or blackmailed them into compliance.
    Who do you think that would be Who won? Whose the King of the Castle now?

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