Best Selling Author Says Giant Comet About To Destroy Earth [VIDEO]

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Author Graham Hancock, who is known for writing about end-of-Earth scenarios, is now claiming that an “earth-destroying” comet is hurdling towards Earth.  He believes it will create an apocalypse in the next 20 years.

From the UK edition of The International Business Times:

In an interview with Huffington Post U.K., he said that archaeological evidence points to advanced civilizations almost being wiped out centuries ago, and he believes this will occur again.

The Daily Mail U.K. has reported that Graham believes a giant comet is soon to hit the earth in about 20 years, destroying the whole planet with massive fire and floods. He also said that ancient people had envisaged the tragedy and have left warnings in the form of biblical stories and generational tales.

According to Daily Mail, he wrote: “All the signs are that remnants of this civilization struggled on, sustained by a few individuals who knew the secrets of the former age. To their primitive contemporaries, it appeared that they possessed magical, holy powers — they were what I call the Magicians of the Gods.

“These Magicians left a message for us — not a metaphorical, spiritual message, but a direct and urgent warning. What happened before can happen again; what destroyed their world can destroy ours.”

He said that the damage done by a comet would “be a thousand times worse than the detonation of every nuclear weapon.”

Strangely, his theories and warnings coincide with the release of his new book titled “Magicians of Gods”, a sequel to the 1995 bestseller “Fingerprints of the God.”

An article on Yahoo News U.K. has stated that a number of prominent personalities within the scientific community agree with his theories and these experts include astronomer Bill Napier and astrophysicist Victor Clube, who believe that the world is in danger of being hit by an “unseen comet.”

However, there are academicians and scientists who reject Hancock’s claim of doom and destruction.

Despite his theories being widely disputed by academicians, his books have sold more than five million copies.

In an interview with the BBC, he said he didn’t mind people’s views about him or that people believe he is cherry-picking his data.

“My job is to present a thoroughly argued alternative view of history,” he said.


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