Dr. Fauci Embraces Hillary Clinton at Funeral: “I LOVE Her”

Fact checked
Dr. Anthony Fauci embraces Hillary Clinton at funeral

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who once confessed he loved Hillary Clinton, was seen lovingly embracing the twice-failed presidential candidate at a funeral on Friday.

Hillary Clinton and Dr. Fauci, two elitists who have done more to destroy this country than anybody else, greeted each other at the funeral for General Colin Powell. 

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Before losing to President Trump in the 2016 Election, Hillary started the rumors that Trump was colluding with Russians and pushed this story to the corrupt DOJ which then gladly ran with it for Trump’s entire term.  The story was a lie, which Hillary knew, and the corrupt US Intel agencies were happy to create the illusion that it was not and their efforts were legit.

Dr. Fauci as we all know, funded over 60 projects in Communist China, helping them with research and grants in how to create a lethal biological weapon.  They succeeded in this endeavor and dropped their weapon last year in an effort to kill the US economy and remove Trump from power.  To date there have been no repercussions for China or Fauci.

These two villains have done more to destroy America than most people living.  No wonder they are so happy to see each other.


    • All the world’s a stage, and they’re all in it together, Donald and Hillary in equal measure: Ezra knew the small hats only too well, the Slovo’s from hell, every country infested with the vermin, they who believe they are chosen to ‘everyone’s fate determine’, deride and fool, divide and rule, the WW3 pin soon to be ‘officially’ pulled, along with the fraudFauchi Gates of Hell CDC kill shots, the populations culled, the ravening wolves now deep in the fold!

    • That’s god &^%$ right.
      Pits of sand in every hood, to sort out the bad from the good.
      If by law one cannot his honor preserve, then a lawless place for those with nerve.
      Lawfully to the edge they proceed, but once within someone shall bleed.
      If it can’t be properly handled elsewise, then this will offer a means by which society may correct itself better without descending into fruitless chaos. But it must be integrated with a system of totally ensured processes of propriety so that no cheating or distortions ever occur, and that is something needed anyway, so that must take place first or at least simultaneously. Total Discovery Now. NOW. I don’t want to read about some shit that should have been uncovered and dealt with 20 years ago, such as child torture dungeons under governor Newsom’s house. I’m right sick of men walking around with chests inflated while this is going on, and probably a good time hereafter no matter how it does go.
      When real men finally get real serious, then they look me in the eyes and speak human words. Until then, I expect them to shut the *^&$ and get it done, or get out of the way of someone who can and will.

  1. I propose that no story that touches on the death and funeral of Colin Powell must include his crimes against humanity by pushing false ‘intelligence’ that helped spur the Iraq terror-bombings, invasion and ensuing genocides.

  2. According to realrawnews, this is a body double of Hillary, easily done these days with the masks. This has all been a masquerade regardless.

  3. Since approximately 9pm November 03, 2020…even the blind clearly saw the immediate demise of the United States of America and all of We The People.

    Now here it is, barely past the one year mark and oh so many somehow suspect, maybe even believe this formerly great nation will somehow resolve the theft of office when the real absolute fact is: Inmate Biden needs to IMMEDIATELY hang for treason. Make NO MISTAKE: demonrats are drastically worse than some 1,000-year plague.

    No matter, that wretched excuse of human life Inmate Biden believes in abortion when his so-called ‘religion’…Catholicism does NOT. Smile you stinking vomit…you WILL answer to the Lord God Almighty.

    There is & never will be any type of ‘come back’.
    satan the devil rules this world, and it’s abundantly clear which retarded children enjoy playing along with their follow the leader. As said in The Revelation chapter 22 verses 20-21: “He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

    (satan the devil intentionally left lower-case, for that is precisely what satan the devil really is)
    Seriously: even the mentally deficient understand there’s no second chance to make a first impression!

  4. Does Fauci love Hillary because she sacrifices at the very least chickens to Moloch? (source: Wikileaks) Moloch was the god of child murder sacrifice. This explains why Fauci rolled out the clot shots for all the kids so fast.

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