New Travel Restrictions Ahead For Brits Unless They Are Triple Jabbed

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British holidaymakers are going to face new travel restrictions unless they are triple-jabbed, with Austria and Israel leading the way in tightening entry rules.

Both countries now conisder fully vaccinated to mean having had a third booster jab and will not allow entry with it.

MSN reports: Austria will categorise travellers as unvaccinated if it has been more than 360 days since their second dose or booster, meaning they must pay for a PCR test to enter.

Israel will even stricter rules, with foreigners barred if the date they are set to leave the country is more than 180 days after their second dose or booster.

This could see even triple-jabbed Britons being excluded, although an exception applies to anyone who has recovered from Covid within the last six months and can produce a certificate showing they have antibodies.

Paul Charles, of travel consultancy The PC Agency, expects more countries to join Austria and Israel’s lead.

‘It’s likely countries will continue to ensure we are fully jabbed,’ he told the Telegraph.

‘By fully jabbed that means being up to date. We are seeing countries starting to align.’

Today saw a boost for Britain’s Covid booster vaccine drive, with experts saying it is going quick enough to keep winter cases under control.

Labour has again urged the Government to ‘turbo charge’ the NHS programme to 500,000 doses a day — nearly double the current average rate — to avoid hospitals becoming overrun this winter.

And Health Secretary Sajid Javid — who has already warned Christmas curbs may be on the cards if uptake does not pick up — has repeatedly urged all eligible adults to come forward for their third jab.

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