Scientists Tell Boris Jonson To Speed Up Boosters Before ‘Delta’s Grandchild’ Arrives

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Boris Johnson boosters

Scientists have warned British prime minister Boris Johnson that he must speed up the administration of covid boosters to see off the next covid mutation “Delta’s grandchild”

“Delta’s grandchild” is a nickname that scientists have given to the third generation Covid mutation AY.4.2, which they claim is set to become the UK’s dominant strain by mid-January.

One government advisor warned that those who are eligible to have their boosters should have them by next month before their immunity begins to wane.

The Mirror reports: But at the present rate of progress many over-50s will not get their third jabs until February despite Delta’s grandchild being already responsible for one in ten cases.

Independent SAGE’s Professor Christina Pagel said: “If we want the booster programme to save Christmas we’re going to have to do it a hell of a lot quicker.

“Cases in children look like they have peaked but not in adults.”

AY.4.2 spreads up to 15% more easily than the existing Delta strain but there is no evidence it is any less susceptible to vaccine.

But protection from two jabs begins to fall after six months and 2,470 double vaxxed Covid victims over 70 died last month.

Meanwhile, only eight million boosters have been administered so far.

Virologist Professor Deenan Pillay of University College London said: ”The longer the gap between being double vaccinated and getting the booster the more the risk of getting infected.”

GP Dr Helen Salisbury of Oxford University added: “Boosters are going much slower than we would like.”