Stormy Daniels Threatens To Leave U.S. and Never Come Back if Trump Wins

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Stormy Daniels threatens to quit US and never return if Trump wins.

Stormy Daniels will leave the U.S. with her husband and never return if President Donald Trump wins his Manhattan criminal trial.

According to Daniels’ husband, Barrett Blade, the pair are prepared to flee America if Trump is found not guilty:

“If Trump is found not guilty, I think there’s a — I mean, either way, I don’t think he gets better for her. I think if it’s not guilty, we got to decide what to do. Good chance we’ll probably vacate this country. If he is found guilty, she’s still got to deal with all the hate that feel like she’s the reason that he’s guilty from all of his followers. So I don’t see it as a when situation either way. I know that we would like to get on with our lives. I know that she wants to move past this. We want, we just want to do what I guess we would say normal people get to do and some aspects, but I don’t know if that ever will be, you know,” Blade told CNN in a recent interview.

“It breaks my heart. Some of the things that she has to go through that people don’t realize, you know, we, we I guess, for example, you know, everybody has their agenda for at this point, and I don’t see people fighting back for her. For instance, E. Jean Carroll, although we’re super happy that everything that happened for happened Stormy opened the door, but Stormy got sued for the exact same two comments and she ended up getting legal fees she’s got to pay for, but no one wants to help her with that,” Blade continued. reports: Daniels, a career porn performer, previously revealed that she’s a medium who communicates with dead people, and had a possessed ex-boyfriend. 

She’s a “star witness” in the Alvin Bragg case against Trump, a case that is widely regarded as political persecution. 

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