Ireland Passes Law Making Independent Media Users ‘CRIMINALS’ Who Are ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’

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Ireland passes law that makes reading non-mainstream sources illegal and where users have to prove their innocence in court

Ireland’s new law that makes it illegal to view non-mainstream content online will require citizens who break the law to ‘prove themselves innocent in a court of law’.

In an unprecedented move, the Irish Parliament passed the most radical ‘hate speech’ law in the world. The effect of this law will create a chilling effect around any speech in Ireland that authorities consider subversive or non-mainstream.

As currently written, the hate speech law will assume anyone in possession of hateful material can be presumed guilty of wanting to spread it, unless they can prove themselves innocent in court.

Last week, Irish Senator Sharon Keogan released a video explaining the Orwellian powers the bill gives to the Irish police. reports: Two days before, speaking at a Free Speech Ireland event held on 9 May in Dublin, Senator Sharon Keogan said the government’s new hate speech bill is partly designed to keep political dissenters quiet. “You [would be] treated like the local drug dealer,” she said, painting a picture of a scenario where someone comes under suspicion of being in possession of hateful material, resulting in their home being raided and their electronic devices seized.

David Thunder, a researcher and lecturer of political philosophy at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, has also been trying to raise awareness and has highlighted some of a few key elements of the bill in an article HERE.  John Waters is another who is urgently trying to get the message out to his fellow Irishmen to sit up and take notice. 


    • Have a revolution. Government does not own you. The government is just a collection of politicians and bureaucrats, well known as liars and thieves. Put them in prison and on death row, where they belong.

  1. BS – “being treated like a local drug dealer” – no problem then! – the political scum caste have been importing every conceivable drug and sex worker into Ireland to supply local drug dealers and pimps for decades – don’t look in the mirror or you will shatter it clown woman. — this is on an another different level — the Garda are imbeciles, got detained for pushing one of my buddies around in a shopping cart at a shopping centre; little big-man twerps looking for power by wearing a costume.

  2. Elections will not solve anything. They will have to storm all buildings of the political elite, tar and feather them and string them up in trees and lampposts. That will send a message to them, nothing else.

  3. Let’s see what happens. Either people start to remove those in charge or become sheep and become castrated.

  4. And what constitutes thd Irish Parliament? The Orange Protestants or the Green Catholics? Who want the people silenced? The Church of England or the Vatican?

  5. Crazyness, in Germany the thieves who burglared and destroyed many peoples houses, had on their WhatsApp bragged about their brake ins, to each other, but the justice ⚖️ system declared, as they lie in there statement’s they can’t be sure. So they didn’t even kept their phones. They got a 6 month sentence for shooting an arrow through a window on video. Criminals that tear out a window bar, smash up all your house and furniture and steal everything walk free. But we have to prove our innocence and they not… Crazy world… I’m just sick of this system what’s the point even trying…,?

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