Bill Gates Admits Covid Is A “Disease Mainly Of The Elderly…Kind Of Like The Flu”

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Gates even admits the vaccines don’t block transmission

Bill Gates

Despite pushing lockdowns and experimental vaccines and helping destroy the world’s economies, Bill Gates recently made some stunning admissions regarding Covid.

He said that the virus was a lot like the flu and that it affected mostly elderly people and that it had a low fatality rate.

His words were remarkably similar to some of the worlds top lockdown opponents who were saying the very same things since the start of the so called pandemic..

Social media users were also blasted as conpsiracy theorists and anti vaxxers and kicked off the platforms for saying the same.

Need to Know reports: Jimmy Dore pointed out that the average age of people who were diagnosed as dying from COVID was above the life expectancy rate. Gates also admitted that COVID ‘vaccines’ do not block transmission.

Analysis from Jimmy Dore:

While Jimmy Dore subscribes to the virus theory of COVID, he does make some important points, including the fact that the average age of people who supposedly died from COVID is over the age of life expectancy! The average lifespan for a male in the US is 79 years of age, but the average age of people who died from COVID was 81.5 years of age. Dore acknowledged that it is impossible to find the actual death rate from 2020 and an account of how many people died from COVID rather than with COVID.

Warning: there is some rough and vulgar language.

Full Video Interview:

Sobering statements and admissions from Bill Gates in the video listed below with time stamps:

2:02  Gates promotes depopulation through birth control and said that if you improve health in poor countries, people will have only 2 children to support them in old age, instead of larger families.

12:25  Gates praised the “ruthless” contract tracing by South Korea and claims that is why it had fewer COVID deaths.

13:15  Gates recommended elderly people get vaccinated and that masks should not be viewed as a “deep infringement of freedom.”

17:50  Gates agreed that Americans should accept some restrictions on our liberties.

23:40   Gates said that in early February 2020, he was in a meeting and experts at his foundation said that there had been too much travel without a diagnosis for COVID to be contained. He said, “then, at that point, we didn’t really understand that the fatality rate, you know, we didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate. And that it’s a disease mainly of the elderly, kind of like flu is, although a bit different than that.”

28:04  Gates said that there had never been a commercial product using mRNA, so it’s wild that it was developed so fast. He said that the COVID vaccines are imperfect in two very important ways, one, they don’t block infection. They were hoping that the vaccines would create enough antibodies in the upper respiratory tract that vaccinated people wouldn’t get infected. Said young people who don’t get very sick should take vaccines to take them out of the transmission chains.

28:50  He said that the duration of protection from COVID vaccines is going down, especially for people in their 70s, it only lasts about 5 months.


    • but he is so smart and made all his money on his own and was not born into money at all, he cares about people and wants children to grow up and have families and eat real food, and take harmless but helpful vaccines frequently to improve their lives, and he is a God fearing man.

  1. This man is a plague upon the earth. If not for his parents he would have been homeless. Mom sure knew how to wheel and deal at IBM to get his operating system on the market. Dad was a eugenics practicing Satanist. What a family

    • And all of it came from England Tavistock, the Royal college and the secret societies Gates Fauci as the front men, the fall guys, paid to act the part. But they didn’t think of any of it Theyre lackeys.

  2. The gates of hell shall not prevail. Their entire cabal family are evil & they’re all guilty of crimes against humanity. Let the executions begin & let them all be removed from the earth.

  3. Easily at least 70, 000 people have been killed by the vaccine and half a mlion, at the very least really badly Iinjured.
    Just in EU and US alone. Less than 1 billion people. Here right now with lots of newly opened hospitals over the last decade or 2 there are do many, I believe, vaccine I jured people that the government’s having to rush out bolt on prefabricated cheap nasty buildings to serve as emwtgemct wards. In this state there possibly about 18 people who they think could have actually died of covid and some more who died with covid but from pre existing conditions.
    Follow the money. That’s the virus of corruption that’s most contagious.

  4. Gates is lying. There is no COVID. The is a cold virus they have modified to make the vaccines, that’s all. Gates should be killed with 1000 shots from his vaccine.

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