Bill Gates Admits ‘We Didn’t Understand Covid Had A Fairly Low Fatality Rate’

Fact checked
Bill Gates

After pushing lockdowns and experimental vaccines and helping destroy the world’s economies, Bill Gates walks back COVID.

During a recent interview to promote his new book, Gates admits that he and his foundation experts: “didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate & that it’s a disease mainly in the elderly, kind of like flu is, although a bit different than that.”

Gates words seem remarkably similar to some of the worlds top lockdown opponents who were saying the very same things since the start of the so called pandemic..

Social media users were also blasted as conpsiracy theorists and kicked off the platforms for saying the same.

Bill Gates needs to stay away from public health.


  1. Psychopaths always lie and deny when the truth comes out. Gates is going to spend eternity in Hell. He has no soul. All he has is money, other than that he is a big zero, and he knows it. When he loses all his money and has to beg on the street he will go even more insane than he already is and kill himself. The proof that they did know, is that they paid them to rewrite any hospital visit as covid and placed into practice protocols that would kill people, and if they dies they would get even more money. They did that to spike death numbers so they could lie and say it was massively deadly. He has no conscience and there is no limit to the evil he is capable of. There is no lie he would not come up with to cover up the truth of the evil he has done. He is evil incarnate, a murderer and a liar like his God, the devil. “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” John 8:44 . He belongs in prison for his crimes against humanity that he pretend are humanitarian mercy. He is a KILLER. He is responsible for mass genocide via vaccines. And the original name of the bill and melinda gates foundation was: ‘The center for Global human population reduction’. He is one of the main reasons that america will be totally destroyed, that and the fact that ALL the leadership of america is just as evil and devoid of any soul as he is. The fact that satanist posing as a ‘Good guy angel of light’, Musk is working towards neurolink chips in the brain, is the biggest reason. Gates is also behind chipping everyone with the other half of the mark of the beast, the digital ID. With all his money, he has NOTHING, he spends all his time playing S&M games with his dominatrix, when he isn’t participating in other satanic rituals and drinking adrenochrome.

  2. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE. This traitor should be in jail or be executed for his crimes against the people. To just let him say OOPS I MADE A MISTAKE is nothing but pure BS. The WORLD needs to hold this guy accountable.

  3. Bullsh!+ Mr. Gates.

    Those of us with almost no access to information knew this was a relatively harmless flu by the time lockdowns are falling. You with greater access to information knew definitively that Chinese Death Plague wasn’t nearly as lethal as you claimed.

  4. Bill Gates Admits ‘We Didn’t Understand Covid Had A Fairly Low Fatality Rate’

    Oh yes you did. You knew it wasn’t very deadly, but you deliberately lied about it so you could destroy the economy and scare people into taking the jab that you knew WAS deadly. This whole thing was planned out a long time ago by you and your fellow NWO globalists in order to both depopulate the planet and allow for your great reset. But a lot of us were to smart to take the jab that you evil Satanists mislabeled as a vaccine.

  5. Time to destroy these people and rip our rights that they took from us back. they think they can still hang on to them. People it is time. no peaceful useless protests allowed. They love those.

    • I like your plan. Agree about no more useless protests. Time to surround state capitals etc. and bring our friends Smith & Wesson.

  6. I saw retired Directors of European CDCs saying very bluntly that the science was perfectly absutely clear that covid was ZERO threat to at least 95%of the population
    Amongst MANY other scientists doctors, virologist and immunologist.

  7. Now comes the realization that the vaccinations are killing people that never would have died from the virus. You can’t make this sht up!

  8. … ‘We Didn’t Understand Covid Had A Fairly Low Fatality Rate’… Soooo Bill and the other self appointed best and brightest, with talent so much so that they at their wish could have Govts everywhere destroy economies and peoples lives because of their heavenly wisdom, could not understand what I and millions of other lesser beings figured out probably within a couple of weeks, that what we saw playing out in front of us, that being a new strain of a flu, that had a propensity to take out elderly and those with weakend immune systems and comorbidities and thus should be protected, that most others with healthy and working immunity systems usually felt really bad but would generally survive…hmmh I Must be a GD genious… NOT, I just do not have an agenda to take out the world population

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