UK Police Admit Pedophiles Are Walking Free As There Are Too Many To Arrest

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11 senior Democrat politicians accused of running child sex ring

If you had any doubt about the scale of the pedophilia epidemic that is sweeping the world, then this story from the UK should put things into perspective for you.

British police, once one of the world’s most respected police forces, have admitted they “cannot cope” with the “huge” increase in reports of child sexual abuse and they now say pedophiles whose “only” crime is viewing child pornography should undergo counseling — instead of going to prison.

In a mere three years, child abuse reports have skyrocketed in volume by 80 percent; and, as Chief Constable Simon Bailey of the National Police Chiefs’ Council and head of Operation Hydrant, “which is investigating multiple allegations of historic sexual abuse across the UK,” the BBC reports, “knew his view would cause nervousness and draw headlines.

“But he said the numbers of reports of abuse were at ‘huge proportions’ — an NSPCC study in late 2016 used figures which suggested the number of individuals looking at such images could exceed half a million.” Child pornography, indeed an incredibly serious crime from any standpoint, seems to have exploded in popularity as the pedophilia epidemic sweeps the world. Bailey told BBC Radio 4’s Today program around 400 people each month are arrested by police working with the National Crime Agency for viewing indecent images.

“There are undoubtedly tens of thousands of men that are seeking to exploit children online with a view to meeting them,” he continued,“with a view to then raping them and performing the most awful sexual abuse upon them. Per Claire Bernish:

Bailey’s stance isn’t unfamiliar to the dark realm of child sexual abuse, but it’s exceedingly unusual for a police official of such high rank to advocate re-prioritizing criminality — particularly given the murkier crime at hand perpetuates and fuels the cycle.

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British police have warned they are unable to cope with the increase in child sex offenders

Without providing statistics or references, Bailey championed referrals to rehabilitation for viewing child porn, saying they “increasingly are effective” — as would be vacating the court system of these cases, to “speed things up.”

Because the child abuse and exploitation is so rampant, the overwhelmed chief constable believes the imperative to target the worst pedophile offenders far outweighs the severity of the crime of viewing explicit images — despite the latter being a serious, repeat transgression against the victim.

“Every time an image is viewed, the victim is being victimised again and there is nothing as abhorrent. But we have to be able to manage the totality.”

Besides police operations, a spokesperson for the Home Office told the BBC it had allotted £20 million (over $24.8 million) to the National Crime Agency, specifically for battling child sexual exploitation on the web.

“Alongside ensuring we have a tough law enforcement response to bring offenders to justice, we are also committed to preventing offending in the first place,” the spokesperson said.

Prison terms and harsh punishment can be efficacious as deterrents, but, a spokesperson from the NPCC noted, “We cannot arrest our way out of the situation. If we are to protect more children we must make prevention and rehabilitation a priority.”

Resources across the U.K. have been stretched to the breaking point recently, after a series of high-profile cases of child abuse and sexual exploitation involving prominent figures had commandeered headlines for weeks. Such astonishing scandals might have provided public awareness and a platform for victims, but reports to police and pleas to charitable organizations for help have created an enormous backlog.

Lisa Thornhill, a senior practitioner at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, “which works with people who have sexually harmed or fear they may harm a child,” said the center is not only full to capacity, but has had to turn away hundreds asking to be rehabilitated.

“Most people who commit these offences have some idea what they are doing is wrong,” Thornhill told the BBC. “We appeal to the brave and responsible part of those people to get in touch with us and stop, and stay stopped.”

According to the station, “Calls to the helpline are over capacity – about 800 people each month call, but about 2,500 calls are unable to be taken due to demand.”

Whether or not Bailey’s appeal to lessen the severity by default for pedophiles who view child pornography will result in a change in policy or law remains to be seen, but a furious backlash from victims and their families will almost certainly ensue now.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. No the problem is if they actually did their job it would mean 75-90% of the government officials would have to go to jail.

    • Bureaucrats in senior positions and Ceos and top politicians yes. And Church personnel Nuns and priests. Dicky Mount batten, Sir James Saville Prime Minister Heath, etc

      • But it’s really about the navy Every cabin boy recruited usually at age 8 would go 9n to become an officer and over time the entire suite of officers and Admirals had all come through that system That’s how it worked. That’s how pedophiles got control. And it worked very well Wasnt it Admiral Nelson whose famous, last words were reported to be “kiss me quick Hardy” as he died?
        And then the English boarding school system used school boy bullying, basic s@m psychology centred on sexual abuse overtly or subliminally to maintain the class system of power as well In effect the British Empire is built on pedophilia,.

  2. Pedophilia has always been a strong feature of English life. Always. Ex child protection services cop Jon Wedger has been asserting, with evidence from victims observers, that the cops at the highestevels are protecting pedophiles a d are pedophiles. Basically. I’ve watched him for years and was already aware of England’s historic connections to instituionalised pedophilia for decades before he ever popped up The English navy Cabin boy is evidence That’s the basis of the entire Rke Brittania Brittania rules the waves British Empire It’s FUNDAMENTISM to the EMPIRE. And they know it too.I could go on but can’t be bothered Spend years researching yourself.

  3. If you care about the children have any morals, decency, want a civilized and sane society then start thinning the pedofile herd. There should only be two choices for a pedofile when caught, castration or death.

  4. That’s not the reason. The real reason is most of them are in positions the police cannot investigate i.e UK government or corporations.

  5. Some good old fashioned frontier justice by the public would take care of the problem fairly quickly.

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