Trump Goody Bags Containing Fetus Dolls Handed Out At Convention

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Journalists were given something to remember Trump’s nomination for president at last night’s Republican National Convention with.

A bag containing a fetus figurine.

Trump gift bags containing goodies including tiny models of plastic fetuses among other things were handed out to all attendees.

News Talk reports:

Contained within a canvas tote bag with the logo Trump 2016 emblazoned on the side were glass tumblers, a copy of Trump’s book Crippled America, caps with his slogan “Make America Great Again”, a packet of Kleenex tissues, and the foetus model.

The foetus seems to be the ‘Young One’ model – designed to represent a fetus at 11 to 14 weeks old in the womb – which were manufactured by Heritage House.

According to their official website, Heritage House claim that “We are committed to the sanctity of life at all stages and to the traditional values of the institution we call the family.”

Trump has held a very firm view on the topic of abortion, having previously claimed that women who had an abortion were deserving of some sort of punishment, before changing his statement to claim that the doctors who performed the abortions were who deserved the punishment.

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