MSNBC: ‘Guns Are Our New Moloch’

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MSNBC declares guns the new moloch

MSNBC has declared that “guns are our new Moloch,” and that Americans having reservations about transgenderism is “anti-Christ.”

During an episode of Joy Reid’s show last week, transgender activist Charlotte Clymer and Jim Wallis, a former ‘spiritual advisor’ to Barack Obama, warned that White Christian nationalism was to blame for the recent school shooting in Nashville. reports: Clymer claimed that “children are only unsafe at drag shows when a shooter shows up to kill them,” and then accused conservatives of “cynically weaponiz[ing] this and exploit[ing] these children’s deaths.”

Wallis proclaimed that “White Christian nationalism, which is behind all this, is literally a biblical heresy.” and then compared gun owners to the ancient God Moloch, the same one that is worshipped in the form of a creepy giant owl by the Bohemian Grove elites.

“There was an ancient God called Moloch. Leviticus talks about Moloch, who was a God that children were sacrificed to in flames. And the Bible is very tough on Moloch. Guns are our new Moloch. Guns are the Moloch. We’re sacrificing our children to Moloch, when we could do easy common sense things about guns,” Wallis declared.

He continued, “Politicians could do something, if they wanted to. What’s behind that is, they are worshiping a false God, and they are literally sacrificing all our children.”


“This is anti-Gospel, anti-Christ,” Wallis asserted, urging “We have got to confront it theologically, and not just politically.”

Wallis also stated that “LGBTQ are initials that all stand for somebody who’s beloved of God, made in the image of God.”

From there, the pair attacked Tucker Carlson for stating that transgender agenda represents mirror image of Christianity and is “therefore, its natural enemy.”


A mentally deranged transgender shot up a school and killed six people, including three nine year old children, and this was MSNBC’s demented response, to argue that transgender Americans are “under siege.”


  1. we are a constitutional republic. you cannot vote our rights away from us. sorry. go live in UK or where ever. get lost.

  2. This is one of many reasons Christ will come to clean His name from such forbidden acts. Be prepared to answer or fight him back.

    • Yes, and also transgenderism because it destroys our children after they’re born. Transgenderism is just another Satanic sacrifice.

  3. They just say all that because they know from the research, that people are stupid so they can say anything really.

  4. More Satanic inversion from our demon-possessed media moguls. It’s the exact opposite. Transgenderism is the new Moloch worship and the antichrists want to take away our means of protection – guns – because they want us dead.

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