NASA Photo Shows Three Massive Towers On Mars

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City grid like structures laid out in same pattern as the Giza pyramids

towers on mars

Images captured by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) spacecraft reveal what looks like three huge towers on Mars equally spaced out from one another and symmetrically aligned.

The massive structures were spotted in the Terra Meridiani area of Mars located just south of the equator where surface material appear to be constantly in the process of getting stripped away.

The towers appear to be artificial and laid out in the same pattern as the famous Giza pyramids of Egypt.towers on Mars

towers on marsThe Daily Sheeple reports:

Here’s yet another curious find on the surface of the red planet.

It looks like three towers spaced equidistant from one another in the same pattern as the pyramids at Giza or the belt in the constellation Orion.

Here’s the original YouTube video from user Mundodesconocido discussing the find:

Investigating on some Mars images, we have recently found a row of huge towers located in the Martian area of Terra Meridiani. Due to their peculiar features, we believe that they have an artificial origin. In the following video, we will show you all the amazing information, evidences as well as animated 3D models that will allow you to evaluate correctly the information we propose.

And here’s another one more to the point with the specific picture from the NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor: MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera).

They do look kind of familiar in a way.towers on Marstowers on Mars

Thoughts? Something about this definitely does not look natural…

Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time strange things have been found on Mars, anyway.