Caitlyn Jenner Launches New PAC To ‘Keep Boys Out Of Women’s Sports’

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Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has announced the launch of a new political action committee called “Fairness First” amid increasing anger with transgender women participating in men’s sports.

The former Olympic gold medalist said the PAC is dedicated to stopping the lefts “radical gender ideology”, claiming that the trans movement is ‘oversaturated due to Indoctrination’ and is being used by the left to “destroy families.”

In an exclusive interview Breitbart News reports: Jenner detailed how Fairness First PAC will “fight the radical gender ideology, put parental rights at the forefront of education, and keep boys out of women’s sports.”

“First of all, state laws need to ultimately govern their schools at a state level,” Jenner explained. “They need to provide state-level guidance to their local school boards, from a legislative perspective, to govern who can compete in what leagues. Our advocacy is to align athletes with sports that are at a chromosomal or DNA level — not birth certificate.

“The ultimate belief of Fairness First is that radical gender ideology infiltrating the classrooms, which has been extremely visible in sports, is an effort to break down the family unit,” Jenner said. “The family unit is under assault and looking to be replaced by teachers — and we see this with laws like the recent, ‘California secrecy’ law.”

Jenner is making it clear that fighting for Fairness First is a full-time pursuit.

“Fortunately, our exposure with having me as a spokesperson and founding member but being a Fox News contributor has led to elected officials from school boards, the state level and the federal level, to work on policy issues and advocate for our recommendations. We will work on this from a policy standpoint but advocate for these issues resulting in supporting candidates from the top of the ballot to the bottom,” Jenner said. “Additionally, we have events and grassroots partnerships in the works to show up to school board meetings, state capitols to testify, LGBT people to testify in congress, to stop the radical rainbow mafia.”

When asked if the trans issue will become a tipping point causing right-minded people to finally take a stand in the culture war against the left, Jenner stressed this is an issue of “parental rights.”

“I think this actually comes down to parental rights. Big government left-wing liberals are all about destroying the family unit, at any cost. That means government gets to take the place of the parents and the families,” Jenner said. “Trans is not made up or fake, but it is oversaturated due to indoctrination and is the latest way the left is destroying the family unit — growing government, the indoctrination in the classroom, and the subsequent drastic increase in children being transitioned is a huge problem. We won’t see the true impact for years to come — but these are serious irreversible decisions and are maliciously being used by government to grow government under the guise of protecting children. That’s why Fairness First is all about parental rights!”

Winning Olympic gold would be considered a strong-enough legacy and platform for most athletes. But Jenner wants to be remembered for using that platform to protect others.

“I hope my legacy is one that is responsible, not a victim, and uses my platform gained in 1976 to advocate for those that need protection. I know sports, and I know the difference between men and women, and the issue of trans, I believe, while Hollywood and the entertainment complex of today see this as unfashionable now, I will be on the right side of history,” Jenner concluded.

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