Gallup Poll: Americans Believe Mainstream Media Is Bigger Problem Than Russia

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Twice as many Americans think the media is the most important problem facing the country compared to the number who think the same of Russia.

Twice as many Americans think the mainstream media is the most important problem facing the country compared to the number who think the same of Russia, according to a new Gallup poll that suggests the Russian collusion conspiracy theory pushed by the media has failed to convince the masses.

Media hysteria over phantom Trump-Russia connections pre-dates Trump’s inauguration, but there’s one big problem: Americans on the whole just aren’t accepting the narrative. Only one out of every 200 people think Russia is the most serious problem facing the United States, according to the recent Gallup poll.

Not that you would get that impression from tuning in to CNN or MSNBC for a few hours. Mainstream outlets have been hammering the conspiracist Russian angle almost endlessly, however voters have basically shrugged and turned their focus to other things.

CNN’s ratings have fallen though the floor and if their executives are wondering why, they should pay attention to the recent Gallup poll. The research group asked a broad sample of Americans what they thought was the “most important problem” facing America today. To the chagrin of the Democratic Party and their PR department, the mainstream media, the results are good for Donald Trump — and appallingly bad for the Russian boogeyman conspiracy theory.

Western Journal reports: As of June 2018, the vast majority of citizens named non-economic problems as the most important issues facing the nation. Of those, “dissatisfaction with government” ranked the highest, while “immigration / illegal aliens” was a close second.

Both of those issues potentially bode well for Trump and conservatives in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

And the Russian narrative? It barely made the list. Less than 0.5 percent of respondents to the Gallup poll named “the situation with Russia” as their top concern. A staggering 32 issues, ranging from unemployment to crime, all ranked higher on the list of concerns than Russia.

Now, it should be noted that the recent meeting between Trump and Putin happened after the latest Gallup results were collected. If the Helsinki summit influenced the public’s concern over Russia, it would be reflected on next month’s polling.

With that said, one look at how Americans viewed the Russian problem over the last seven months reveals that they have been largely apathetic to the media narrative and even hysteria on the issue.

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