The Face of Evil: Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill to BAN Unvaccinated From Flying Domestically

Fact checked
Dianne Feinstein introduces bill to ban unvaccinated Americans from flying domestically

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced a new bill that would prevent unvaccinated Americans from flying domestically unless they agree to take the shot or provide an expensive negative COVID test.

Feinstein’s draconian “US Air Travel Public Safety Act” would “require the Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Aviation Administration to develop standards for airlines to verify that a person has either been vaccinated, tested negative for COVID-19 or has fully recovered from a coronavirus infection to be able to fly.”

Feinstein’s office released a statement that declared “Ensuring that air travelers protect themselves and their destination communities from this disease is critical to prevent the next surge, particularly if we confront new, more virulent variants of COVID-19.”

The statement boasts that “It only makes sense that we also ensure the millions of airline passengers that crisscross our country aren’t contributing to further transmission, especially as young children remain ineligible to be vaccinated.” reports: Given that the Biden administration is intent on mandating vaccines and punishing people who wish to stick with the option of tests, and given that DHHS head Xavier Becerra has labeled those who choose natural immunity over vaccines as “flat earthers,” it seems likely that those options would be removed from any legislative action.

If this ‘show your papers’ legislation did pass, would Feinstein herself follow her own rules, or would she continue to demonstrate that authoritarian subjugation is purely for the American public?