Do You See Jesus or Satan on This Moth’s Wings? Woman Says Insect Offered Up a Sign From God

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From an article in The Blaze:  “A Texas woman is claiming that she saw Jesus’ face in the most unlikely of places: on the body and wings of a moth.

Yvonne Esquilin, who said the insect flew into her home last Wednesday, believes that the purported image was a sign from God, according to KXAN-TV.

Esquilin and her family initially thought that it was a butterfly, but after snapping a picture and more closely examining its shape and size, they realized it was an imperial moth, an insect known for its unique color patterns.

The brown and yellow design on the body and wings formed what Esquilin and her family believed to be the face of Jesus Christ.

“We were just amazed at the size of the moth. It didn’t dawn on me until I snapped the picture,” she told KXAN. “At first it looked like Jesus — and I still think it looks like Jesus.”

Esquilin believes that the moth was an answer to prayer. She had recently been asking God to help her find a way to continue assisting her daughter with her schooling, calling its appearance “a sign.”

“God is letting me know good news is coming and to keep the hope,” she added.

Some, though, commented on social media that the design looks like a very different theological figure — the devil.

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