Russia Sanctions More Than 200 Foreign Citizens

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Russia Sanctions More Than 200 Foreign Citizens

A fresh sanctions list issued by Moscow includes about 200 people known for their anti-Russian positions and actions, such as US Deputy National Security Advisor Caroline Atkinson and firebrand Arizona Senator John McCain.

The report about the new list of foreigners subject to entry bans and asset freezes in Russia was published in the Thursday issue of the popular daily Izvestia. The newspaper referred to an undisclosed source in the presidential administration and the Foreign Ministry refused to comment on this information.

According to Izvestia, the new list includes mostly politicians, civil servants and other public figures known for their openly anti-Russian activities. About 60 people on the list are from the United States. Among these are Deputy National Security Advisor Caroline Atkinson, presidential advisers Daniel Pfeiffer and Benjamin Rhodes, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Robert Menendes and Senators John McCain, Daniel Coats and Mary Landrieu.

“We have no special desire to play this banning game with the West, but if they maintain their sanctions activity we will also launch new blacklists prepared by our diplomatic missions,” the Kremlin source told the newspaper.

The Foreign Ministry sources also did not exclude further expansion of the Russian sanctions lists if western nations choose to continue the standoff.

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