Pelosi Slurs, Stutters And Spasms Through Speech – Colleagues Horrified

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Nancy Pelosi slurred her way through her latest speech, mangling names and struggling to pronounce multisyllabic words like "intelligence".

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi regularly slurs, splutters and spasms her way through speeches, mangling names and struggling to pronounce multisyllabic words like “intelligence”, however her latest performance has left many wondering if she is legitimately suffering from some sort of degenerative physical or mental health issue.

Pelosi addressed the media Tuesday during a briefing with Democrat members of the House Intelligence Community, and it seemed as though the party leader had some difficulty saying the word “intelligence,” among other words of more than two syllables.

The former House speaker — who has accumulated a net worth of $29.5 million through her public service, despite earning a salary of $193,400 — also appeared to suffer from multiple facial spasms that struck intermittently while she was slurring and stuttering her way through her prepared remarks.

Though there has been no official word of any troubles for Pelosi, some of her Democrat colleagues at the briefing exhibited some telltale signs that they are obviously concerned at the issues she was having with formulating coherent sentences and pronouncing relatively simple words, as can be seen in an edited video which compiled some of her worst moments.

Per Conservative Tribune:

I’m very honored to stand, uh, before members of the House Intel … ligensh Committee, past and present,” Pelosi said as she struggled with the word “intelligence” and suffered some sort of facial twitch.

We also want to protect … we also want to protect the Mull … the integrity of the Mueller investigation,” she continued.

She then attempted to give credit to her young colleague, California Rep. Eric Swalwell, but badly mispronounced his name on her initial attempt.

Early on, the leadership of Congressman Earl … uh, Eric Swalwell,” Pelosi said.

She then seemed to hearken back to her time on the Intelligence Community in previous years, and stated, “So I knew the challenge that members face there. That’s why I had the pava … uh, um … privilege …”

Later, her face appeared to scrunch painfully as she said how she wanted to “associate myself with the remarks in support of our men and women” who serve in the intelligence community.

She then seemed to suffer a brain freeze as she attempted to express how long ago it had been when she served on the intel committee, and settled on “a long time ago” when she apparently failed to come up with any other words.

Then, in an effort to take a shot at President Donald Trump, she cited remarks from Trump’s Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and stated, “That was his own appointee, as Demo … Director of National Intelligence.”

Pelosi appeared to suffer yet another facial spasm as she delivered high praise for anti-Trump Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain, as she awkwardly said, “His service, his courage, his leadership for our country has been a blessing.”

To be sure, it is unclear what exactly is behind Pelosi’s increasing inability to form coherent sentences and accurately pronounce certain words, which could be indicative of serious medical issues but may also be nothing more than the forgetfulness and slower thought processes that come with age.

Whatever the case may be, it could be why a growing number of Democrats are attempting to distance themselves from the House leader, and why her chances of remaining minority leader — or resuming her speakership, if Democrats reclaim the House in the midterm elections — are dwindling.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The Chemtrails this and all other idiots in Congress has allowed is causing brain damage, medical info coming in shows the aluminum in the chemtrails causes brain damage.

  2. For years, when she speaks, she is constantly cleaning her teeth with her tongue. It looks disgusting and gives me the impression that she’s always eating spinach or black beans.

  3. If this old crone and others like her are not a substantial argument for term limits, I don’t know what is.

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