Scottish Independence Campaign Group ‘The 45%’ Announce Extensive Boycotting List

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Report by The Huffington Post (Source Link):- ”Scotland’s Referendum tipped in favour of No, but with “only 55%” – that’s a majority – in favour of staying in the Union, Scotland’s 45% have made it clear they are not happy with the result.

The newly formed campaign group, ‘The 45’, have released a list of brands, businesses and media organisations that they will be boycotting because they “scared Scotland” in the run up to the referendum.

On Facebook, the campaign group wrote that it is time to “send shivers” down the spines of the businesses that apparently scared more than two million people into voting No.

Following Scotland’s rejection of independence, the 1.6 million people that voted Yes will apparently not be buying the products or using the services of the businesses listed below to send a clear message that they “were not fooled by their dirty tricks.”

“Never again can we have companies we use everyday and contribute millions of pounds to tell us we’re too small too poor and too stupid,” the campaign has stated.

“This is our chance to get back at them for what they took from us.”

After months of accusations having being thrown at the BBC for biased reporting, many of the 45ers have also revealed they will no longer be paying their BBC licences saying “enough is enough.”

So along with not being able to watch The Great British Bake Off or Doctor Who, here are the other things ‘The 45′ will be avoiding and why. Notably, Harry Potter is not on the list, despite author JK Rowling facing a torrent of abuse for coming out in favour of the union.’

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