Two Men Feared Eaten By Giant Crocodiles In Remote Australia

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Eaten By Giant Crocodiles

Two men who were reported missing in separate incidents may have been eaten by giant crocodiles in one of the remotest parts of the planet.

The men went missing in the Cape York Peninsula off Queensland, Australia.

Authorities looking for the men believe the two are the latest victims of huge saltwater crocodiles.

There has been an increase in sightings of the massive reptiles in one of the largest areas of unspoilt wilderness left in the world.

It is believed the area in the far northern end of Queensland to be infested with the monster reptiles.

The men were devoured in two separate incidents at the peninsula. The area is also known to have Tiger and Bull sharks roaming its coastal waters.

The Express reports:

Cairns water police began a land sea and air search at first light this morning for an unnamed 33-year-old Aboriginal man who went missing near the small fishing community of Portland Roads on the remote Cape York peninsula while he was spear fishing yesterday.

Eaten By Giant Crocodiles

He reportedly went fishing at about 11am on Thursday and by 3.50pm had not returned, but his empty dinghy was discovered marooned on rocks exposed ny the low tide and near where he had been.

residents in the isolated regional with a high Aboriginal population had reported an increased in crocodile sightings in the run up to his disappearance.

It provides the perfect habitat for the saltwater crocodile, the largest reptile on Earth, which is found in the sea and inland rivers.

Just over two weeks earlier, Stanley Charlie, 65, another local man disappeared after going swimming in a crocodile infested river at night – when the predators are most active.

Eaten By Giant Crocodiles

He was reported missing on May 20 in the Endeavour River in Cooktown on the peninsula.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said: “The river is well known to have crocodiles in it and he was swimming in the water at night.”

He is believed to have gone swimming at around 11PM, after being seen last drinking on a yacht moored in the river before getting in.

Mr Stanley is Aboriginal, 170cm tall of slim build, with short grey hair, a full long beard and brown eyes.

It is thought he may have been swimming towards mangrove plants, a popular haunt of the beasts.

Police have ruled out any foul play, but his brother, Gordon Charlie, believes he knew the dangers and would never have got in.

In the Cooktown area in September 2008 Scotsman Arthur Booker, 63, from Brisbane, who was on holiday in the area with his wife, went missing, after going to the riverside to check crab pots, but never returned. His sandals, camera, watch crocodile tracks were found nearby.Eaten By Giant Crocodiles

Human remains later found in a 4.3-metre crocodile weeks later were confirmed as his.

Eaten By Giant Crocodiles
David Fordson

And Cairns barge skipper David Fordson, 49, who ran driving tours around the cape, was killed by a monster crocodile while snorkelling at Bushy Island off the peninsula in 2011.

The married dad-of-one’s mauled body was found two days after he went missing.

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