Meltdown! Reporter Says Twitter Gave Him A Seizure

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Reporter Kurt Eichenwald has public meltdown on Twitter

Kurt Eichenwald had a very bizarre public meltdown on Twitter on Friday, telling users that a tweet sent by a conservative gave him an epileptic seizure. 

The senior Newsweek writer threatened legal action against all conservatives who sent him animated GIF’s on the social media platform, claiming that he intended to take time away from Twitter in order to consult with law enforcement agencies and lawyers.

Last night, for the second time, a deplorable aware I have epilepsy tweeted a strobe at me with the message “you deserve a seizure’ on it,” Kurt blasted to stunned Twitter followers on Friday. “It worked.” reports:

and before you know it, like any crybaby liberal who can’t stand by his own words….

But don’t worry, gang. There’s screenshots.

You hear that? There is NO DOUBT that Trump was on amphetamine derivatives. NO DOUBT! I’d ask our buddy Kurt to show us his evidence on that one, but the man can’t even stand by his defamatory tweets without deleting them, let alone back them up.

The reaction to this was swift and AWESOME….

…but then things got weird. I mean SUPER weird. Supposedly someone by the name of “Jew Goldstein” (um…what? ) sent Kurt a flashing gif which caused him to have a seizure.

He then went on a long rant about how Mr. Jew Goldstein is pursing criminal charges.



Feel free to head over to his Twitter if you want to analyze the scraps of whatever he hasn’t already deleted and share your thoughts with us. I honestly don’t know what to say other than WHAT IN THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED?!

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