US Navy ‘Woefully Ill Equipped’ To Fight China in Upcoming War, Commanding Admiral Says

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U.S. is not prepared to fight war in upcoming war, U.S. army chief admits

The US navy is completely unprepared to fight China in an imminent war, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday admitted on Thursday.

“[The main challenge the navy faced] In a word, it is China,” Gilday declared during a presentation at the Heritage Foundation. “We see a force that has tripled in size. We see a heavy investment in systems with long range. They are a significant adversary.”

He described China’s behavior in the Western Pacific as “fairly aggressive.” reports: Current plans called for the US navy to reach a target size of 355 manned and 150 unmanned vessels by 2040, but Gilday warned that the navy had to be prepared to fight a war in the Pacific within five years from now.

“We have to be ready for the 2027 scenario [with China],” he said.

China remained the main threat that the navy had to face, Gilday reiterated.