Ben Carson: “The New World Order Will Destroy America!”

Fact checked
Presidential candidate Ben Carson said in a speech that he believes the New World Order (NWO) are trying to destroy America

An old video has surfaced that shows Presidential candidate, Ben Carson, saying that he believes there is a New World Order (NWO) out to destroy America. 

In the video, Carson suggests that the NWO are seeking to destroy America via atheism and socialism. reports:

This one’s been floating around online for a while, but resurfaced on social media yesterday:

A video of Ben Carson going after the New World Order which vaguely has to do with atheists and socialists trying to destroy America.

As an atheist and a socialist, I can assure Mr. Carson our goal is not to destroy America, but rather the people who run it.

Check out the clip yourself. Begin at roughly the 0:58 mark:


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