Biden Admin To Force Amercians To Pay Climate Reparations

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President Biden’s climate ‘czar’ John Kerry has said that he would like to see American taxpayers funding reparations for past pollution.

During an interview with the Washington Post on Thursday, Kerry, who likes to fly around in his private jet, declared “it would be great,” if American taxpayers could step up to their reputation as being “the largest humanitarian donor in the world.”

Looks like Kerry is going to see his wish fulfilled

The IWR reports: In an effort to expedite global wealth redistribution, the Biden administration announced that U.S. taxpayers would now fund the United Nations’ (UN) latest financial gimmick: climate reparations. Wealthier countries will now be required to pay poorer countries for “loss and damage” affiliated with weather events. 

The new climate reparations are in addition to an existing $100 billion green slush fund commitment under the Paris Accord for developing countries, including China, to reduce emissions and integrate adaptation projects. Now, U.S. taxpayers will have to fund the new reparations scheme, which the globalists have labeled the “climate justice” fund. As with many of these billion-dollar endeavors, the important details are lacking. For example, it’s unclear how much the fund will cost. A 2021 estimate put the costs in the hundreds of billions of dollars range. Also unclear is whether China, the globe’s top emitter by a long shot, will be a funder or a recipient. 

These financing agreements have officially gone from bad to worse. Just a few weeks ago, even U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry agreed. Leading up to the conference, Kerry stated: “the United States … will not establish some sort of legal structure that is tied to compensation or liability. That’s just not happening.” Fast forward a few weeks, and he’s done the very thing he said he wouldn’t. Welcome to the world of diplomatic doublespeak and the American second reality. 

his is an attempted misuse of taxpayer dollars and will have no significant impact on the environment. The saving grace for taxpayers is the new Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives that can, and likely will, block funding for this misplaced commitment. If the past is prologue, then Team Biden will try to illegally divert appropriated funds to fulfill their commitments in the same way Team Obama raided emergency funds for another UN slush fund—the Green Climate Fund. 


  1. If we, for the sake of the argument, ignore that man-made climate change is a complete hoax in the first place:

    Another great strategy to steal the money of the US taxpayer for fun & profits!

    Nobody in the broad public will ever know where the money will be actually spent on. It will be entirely nebulous!
    As is the reason why the taxpayers of today should pay for something the shareholders of the corporations profiteered from in the past.
    But the latter folks and organzations will not only get an “amnesty” for their “past crimes”…

    …as they are likely the same shareholders of the corps. that will receive their share of these climate funds they will even profit a second time!

    And if you are getting angry about reading this: you can rest assured that this won’t be limited on the US! Expect the EU to implement this even sooner!

  2. Kerry’s family are drug money. They ran clippers to China peddlibgvipoum for England’s Crown. That’s his background England. Not democracy Like Bidens is the Pope. Not democracy.
    No man can serve two masters.

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