Twitter Tells Pamela Geller to ‘Lawyer up’ for Breaking Sharia Law

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Twitter tells Pamela Geller to lawyer up over tweet that violates Sharia Law

American political activist Pamela Geller has been warned by Twitter to seek legal advice after she dared to break Sharia law on the social media platform.

“Twitter has sent me notice ‘to consult legal counsel’ because the tweet below ‘is in violation of Pakistan [sharia] law.’ You bloody cowards can kiss my free ass. I am an American. You are an American company. Act like it, sniveling slaves,” Pamela said on the platform. reports: Pakistani law is Sharia Law, practiced by radical Islamists, under which women are considered property, and both adultery and apostasy – leaving the faith – are grounds for death by stoning. Other charming Sharia practices include giving the closest living relative of a murder victim the right to kill the murderer, and 100 lashes for premarital sex.

“Sweden: Muslims who wanted to ‘kill as many as possible’ over Muhammad cartoon to be released from prison: Madness. These terrorists have threatened violence to staff and other prisoners during their prison sentence, with one requiring isolation after…” said the original Tweet for which Geller was flagged.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud of Saudi Arabia, a Sharia Law country, owns the second-largest share of the Silicon Valley titan.

In 2015, a radicalized American Islamist plotted to behead Geller for “violating Sharia blasphemy laws.”

“They mean to kill everyone who doesn’t do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily,” she told CNN.

Texas police also thwarted an attempted attack against Geller in Garland, Texas, where her organization held a “Draw Profit Mohammad” contest. Images of Mohammad in any form are strictly forbidden by Islam.

Geller is the subject of a fatwa – an order by an Islamic mufti – which mandates that she is to be killed for speaking out against Islam. She wrote a book about living under such threat of danger.