Nobel Prize Winner Professor Luc Montagnier: ‘The Non Jabbed Will Save Humanity’

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Luc Montagnier declares that the non-vaccinated will save humanity

French virologist and Nobel prize winner Professor Luc Montagnier has declared that the non-jabbed will save humanity.

Below is a speech given by the Nobel laureate during a recent protest against the vaccine passport in France:

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“There are images, also extraordinary for me, of small bacteria even in the intestine, which are full of viruses. And this is a battle between bacteria and viruses, which must be defeated even with proper nutrition and hygiene. It is not just the vaccine that will cure it, but it is the combination of treatments that will eliminate this disease. There was a huge strategic mistake, something was synthesized and isolated, a huge strategic mistake.

Contrary to what was said at the beginning, these vaccines do not protect absolutely, and this is coming slowly. This is scientifically recognized by all today.

I ask all my colleagues to absolutely stop vaccinating with this type of vaccine.

Doctors today are perfectly informed of what I am saying, and therefore they should intervene immediately because the future of humanity is at stake. Many countries have forgotten about treatments, there is not only the vaccine, there are drugs that have not been used and that work very well, such as antibiotics.

It depends on you, above all on you not vaccinated that a tomorrow they will be able to save humanity. Only the unvaccinated will be able to save the vaccinated.

Vaccinated who will, in any case, contact the medical centers to be saved.

We must avoid listening and giving a voice to those who do not have the right to do so and let science speak. I repeat: it is the unvaccinated who will be able to save humanity.

At the beginning, the large pharmaceutical multinationals were very interested in vaccines for an economic issue.

The research continues, and I and my whole team continue to research this virus. The research does not stop, we have not yet reached the point. Man will win if he focuses on the law of nature and only on that. Every citizen is free and must also follow political ideas, take advantage of the upcoming elections to express your opinion.

What would I say to a young person today? You absolutely must act, each of you, and find the truth hidden behind the lies. Long live freedom “.


  1. Who will hear? No msm will publish him. The brainwashed won’t believe him. The teachers will stick with the pc programme. The kids will be raised hearing about how great Pfizer is and how to get jabbed and be good.

  2. He’s a fraud . There is no hiv , Robert willner proved it . There is no covid . They have never purified and isolated any virus . Stefan lanka is the latest to prove it’s a scam to conquer us useless eaters

    • Dude I’m a complete anti-vaxxer even when it comes to chicken pox and measles shots, but I had Covid and there is no way that wasn’t something made in a lab.

      I am 210 lbs 6′ in very good shape, I don’t smoke, drink heavy or do drugs, I eat clean and take supplements and that thing rolled over me like NOTHING.

      It attacked my lungs and I went from 99% O2 to 84% in one day…I could NOT get up to use the restroom without help.

      SO I KNOW there’s something there…I do believe they over counted all diseases and illnesses and added them to teh Covid totals but as far as Covid? It exists and if you get it in your lungs you will be praying to God for salvation…It was absolutely no joke.

        • Maybe but if you get it in the lungs the way I did…You will NOT believe that it’s just something from nature.

          I didn’t fit the criteria at all…It’s too perfect in it’s deadliness FOR SOME.

          I do wonder what the triggering factor was.


          Low D3 levels?

          Low B-12 levels?

          There is something at play.

  3. MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense. When I explain this to my relatives they label me as crazy and ask me if I know better than science. I don’t make up these information out of my ass. All this information is true and proven. For some people it is near impossible for them to wake up. They are comfortable in their clown world life. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit truthpharmacy/com (Looks like I can’t post links, replace / with .)

  4. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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