SETI Receives First Alien Signal From Mysterious Star KIC 8462852

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SETI receives alien signal from mysterious distant star

Since the discovery of the mysterious distant star named “KIC 8462852” that scientists say shows a huge artificial structure on the star’s surface, SETI astronomers have announced the first alien signals being received from the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) telescopes. reports:

[Note: Translated from German]

Awaiting more accurate information about the way the signal before, but from an interview by by Dr. Gerald Harp from the SETI Institute, shows that it is a “weird periodic signal”, “which although potentially natural origin but there is clearly value to examine it more closely.” Besides the natural explanation, so stressed “Universe Today”, prefer Harp but also “a distant intelligent source” into consideration.

While ATA normally absorbs radio frequencies in the microwave range of 1-10 gigahertz (an ordinary kitchen microwave oven produces microwaves of around 2 GHz), looking for the SETI astronomers “KIC 8462852” currently specially after transfers an even wider energy spectrum. Demand if they wanted to make in this way also huge extraterrestrial energy sources identify Harp declined to comment.

Currently it is working on SETI Institute in a scientific journal article to the collected signals and hope to publish these soon. The website of the Institute “” will “soon” publish information about the captured signal.

Meanwhile also Harp speculation continues about the nature of the light pattern of “KIC 8462852” himself: “Either we see the result of only recent, huge event such as the collision of two planets – or (the product of a) extra-terrestrial intelligence.” The Kepler data speak loudly Harp that around the star large quantities of material are grouped in the form of a ring.

The American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) has called on its members in a warning for the investigation of the star. Opposite “Universe Today” also reflects the AAVSO astronomer Elizabeth Scales from unusual light pattern of “KIC 8462852” fascinated: “Based on our information currently available, fits (the pattern) simply never previously known variable star.”