Identical Twin Couples Resort To Surgery To Tell Each Other Apart

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Identical twin brothers and their wives, who are identical twin sisters, are resorting to plastic surgery in order to tell each other apart.

After several mix-ups the twin couples have decided to undergo facial surgery to make them look slightly different from each other

The Independent reports:

The two couples, from the Shanxi province in China, often find it difficult to tell which twin is their spouse and which is their in-law, leading to frustration and confusion.

After several mix-ups, the couples are resorting to plastic surgery in order to differentiate their appearances, say reports in The Times.

Brothers Zhao Xin and Zhao Xuan and their wives Yun Fei and Yun Yang have consulted with doctors at Hongkang hospital in Shanghai about facial surgery which could help prevent confusion by slightly modifying their

Reports from state-owned China News Service say that the surgery is necessary because “They don’t just look alike, but speak with similar voices and facial expressions.”

The twins all married on the same day, and according to reports “they had to carefully check each other, including the processes of getting into their wedding cars and exchanging rings.”

Surgeons have reportedly agreed to carry out any procedures that the couples desire free of charge.

Doctors plan to make minor changes to their appearance “keeping the same resemblance generally, but creating recognisable differences on details”.surgery

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