Putin: Millennials Are A Western Invention

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The Western millennial youth are "brainwashed and distracted" man-babies who "call their mother because they have avocado stuck in their beard," claims Putin, who says that "Russia does not have millennials."

Putin has identified Western millennials as key players in the New World Order's agenda, and says he fears they are being "rendered useless".

President Putin has identified Western millennials as key players in the New World Order’s battle for global supremacy, and suggested he fears the millennial generation is being “rendered useless.”

“They have been brainwashed and distracted from the real, how do you say, meat and potatoes issues facing our world. They have been distracted, rendering them useless,” Putin said.

The 63-year-old Russian president, speaking to a Kremlin tour group, explained that “reality TV, smartphones, Pokemon Go,” have distracted millennials from what is really happening, and that “the issues they actually engage with, the social and political issues, are worthless.”

Putin believes media and government are coddling millennials, treating them as “pampered pets” and encouraging them to engage with “worthless social issues” because it keeps them distracted from more serious issues, according to Kremlin sources.

“They have been convinced the New World Order doesn’t exist, that these people are not operating against their interests,” Putin explained, “and this is the greatest accomplishment for them [the NWO], for their goals. To have a whole generation with their eyes elsewhere.”

Putin expressed sympathy for the financial plight of the Western millennial, stating that the economic difficulties and uncertain futures many of them are facing is “intentional.”

“The situation is the result of an intentionally destabilized economy,” Putin said. “They should be fighting back, but they cannot see it. So they fight for other things.”

When asked how he raised his two children to avoid these pitfalls, Putin said, “We don’t have millennials in Russia.”

“In Russia we don’t have young men who call their mothers because they have avocado stuck in their beard.”

Putin issued a call to arms to Western millennials to “snap out of it, wake up” and “stop spending 25 hours a day fighting causes on the Internet.”

“The world doesn’t owe you a living, the world isn’t a fair place, and you must learn to identify the real villains.”

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