Trudeau Is Attempting To Bring Back Internet Censorship Bill

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Trudeau internet censorship

The Canadian government wants to censor the internet in the same way that China does.

Trudeau’s government has reintroduced legislation to give itself the type of powers we normally associate with basic dictatorships, like China.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the snap election back in September 2021, the internet censorship bill at the time which, was called Bill-C10, was effectively terminated. However, the Trudeau regime have now re-introduced the internet censorship bill act. It is now called Bill-C11 and is currently undergoing it’s 2nd reading in the House of Commons.

Lest we forget, Trudeau has already admitted that the country he most admires is China because its “basic dictatorship” allows its leaders to wield absolute power.

According to the Toronto Sun Trudeau and his Liberal government are using the current national tensions as a smokescreen to let them slip in unpopular pieces of legislation.

Not so fast Mr. Trudeau. You’ve been caught.

The Liberals are now trying to revive their incredibly controversial Internet legislation bill. It was previously known as Bill C-10, now it’s Bill C-11.

There was great uproar that the government was planning to censor Canadians’ social media. While the government denied this, experts maintained the bill would have that very effect.

The government is now expected to claim that this is a new and improved piece of legislation, addressing everyone’s concerns.

Professor Michael Geist, from the University of Ottawa, is the country’s leading expert on these issues. He says that it’s just not true that all of the problems are now gone.

“Indeed, for all the talk that user generated content is out, the truth is that everything from podcasts to TikTok videos fit neatly into the new exception that gives the CRTC the power to regulate such content as a “program”,” Geist explains in a blog post that’s appropriately headlined “not ready for prime time”.

Basically, the bill means the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications Commission will be granted permission to regulate a lot of social media content created by Canadians.

We shouldn’t be doing this and it’s not needed. Full stop. The legislation is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist and Canadians should oppose it as much as they did its precursor.


      • no USA. I can reach if i use my VPN and connect thru a different country.
        but disqus no longer is found on RT. they have some sort of new comment software.
        that is what I am seeing anyway. Maybe I am just banned from RT. IDK.

        • tracking sticky cookies are all over news dunce and disqus just try locking them out and sinclair will kick you out

        • RT had SpotM. RT are very devious. Manipulative and deceitful They do not represent Russia They are western controlled are two faced back stabbing frauds in my opinion.

          • Kind of figured something was up with RT. they swing for NWO then totally against it. so I don’t know.
            I try and read the news and use critical thinking to decipher the truth. I mainly use spiritual guidance and prophecy for the most part.

  1. the internet gray out bill of dan coats/bill exon failed as perdicted way way back in 1994 and only one person in out goverment voted nay on it.I fought it and defeated it by myself as a opp

  2. A quick change of the subject Where is the investigation into his potentially criminal fraud in deceiving Canadians, abusing the RCMP and the police by likely deceiving them that he had legal rights to send them out to act like Nazi thugs, smashing up private property, terrorising
    Canadian citizens andcinfiscating their property. Where is the oppositions outrage or have they no actual opposition there on that despotic country? And now he wants to de ce any dissent amongst the citizenry too, as a to totalitarian dictator would. Who is his master? Where is his conscience and his Morality controlled from?
    Oh and, Ps Elizabeth Warren is going feral in Americas House running rampant as a dictatorial despot demanding total silencing of the last remnants of freedom of speech too.

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