Former Clinton Advisor Warns USA Becoming Totalitarian Under Biden: “This Is a Coup”

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Former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf slams Biden's totalitarian lockdown policies

Former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf warned Monday that the US under Biden is descending into a totalitarian police state as neverending lockdowns and restrictions show no sign of being lifted.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Wolf warned that America is “moving into a coup situation,” now that the Democrats are in charge, with severe lockdown restrictions being extended under the “guise of a real medical pandemic.”

Wolf pointed out that “lockdowns have never been done in society and really, we are turning into a of totalitarian state before everyone’s eyes.”

Wolf is a liberal in the most traditional sense. Far from the issue being a conservative one, Wolf pointed out that it’s “not a partisan thing,” and told Carlson that what is happening “transcends everything that you and I might disagree or agree on. That should bring together left and right to protect our Constitution.” reports: “They’re using that [power] to engage in emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights: rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, and all the rights our Constitution guarantees,” she said. “I’ve been studying closing democracies for twelve years so I recognized early on. Once I realized New York state had emergency powers I know from history that no one gives up emergency powers willingly…only from studying history do I know how predictable it is when you start to have elected officials say ‘we’re not going to follow the Constitution because there’s a pandemic.’”

In the state of New York and other states across this nation, governors have continually extended the “state of emergency” orders that have given them cover to impose unconstitutional limits on our civil rights. This includes shutting down schools and depriving children of an education, outlawing funerals, church services, depriving Americans of graduations, rites of passage, ritual baptisms, the right to operate private businesses without the interference of the state, and much more.

“Nowhere in the Constitution does it say all this can be suspended if there’s a bad disease,” she continued. “We have lived through typhus, cholera, smallpox, HIV, tuberculosis, polio, the Spanish flu, we’ve lived through an attack on our soil-never has there been months and months and months of emergency powers when we weren’t actually fighting a war.”

Wolf’s concerns are valid. She’s right. This is an unprecedented attack on our Constitutional rights from the inside that has never before been done in this country. And if you are a student of the history of democracies like Wolf, you would be scared witless right about now.

“Lockdowns have never been done before in free societies and really we are turning into a version of totalitarian states before everyone’s eyes,” she said. “I really hope we wake up quickly because history shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it’s too dangerous to fight back.”

Tucker responded to Wolf with a profound observation. “I’m starting to think that we are being divided as a country precisely so we don’t have conversations like this.”

Me too, Tucker. Me too. 


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