World War Three Imminent If ISIS Take Kobani, Experts Warn

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Experts have warned that if ISIS take the Syria-Turkey border town of Kobani, then there is a very real risk that World War Three could occur.

These startling remarks come after various intelligence insiders declared that fighters on behalf of ISIS are now trying to make their way into Europe — by disguising themselves as refugees. They will then cross Turkey, and try to make their way into more central European locations.

ISIS militants are now battling to take over the border crossing area, and as border controls are incredibly slack in the area, due to the fact that thousands have decided to flee because of the Syrian civil war, there is a high chance that a substantial amount of them have made it across.

When confronted with the evidence, Kim Howells, who is a former foreign minister and ex-chair of the Security and Intelligence Committee, confirmed that the information “sounds pretty accurate to me.”

He then went on to tell Wales Online even more startling revelations regarding this uprising.

“The problem is Turkey – it is a serious problem. They are playing a strange game. They allow Isis fighters to move into Syria but they won’t let the Kurdish do the same to defend Kurdish cities because they consider the Kurdish to be a greater threat than Isis. They think Isis the lesser of two enemies despite the fact Isis are willing to kill people in France, Germany and Britain.”

Howells, who admitted that Turkey’s border was “extremely leaky,” said that the Turks need to “crack down,” otherwise the entire world will be in trouble. However he did admit that the United Kingdom have gone to great efforts to get people they regard as potential terrorists out of the country.

“We are already fully stretched with the people who are here already, let alone having to cope with a large number of new refugees here as agents for terrorist organisations. There are already some who are here already. We have seen the efforts of the Home Office trying to remove those who are either terrorists, terrorist apologists, fundraisers for terrorists or people prepared to preach on their behalf.”

According to The Mirror, Simon Weston, a former Welsh who served in the Falklands and stood to become South Wales Police commissioner in 2012, believes that the whole world needs to stand up and take notice of ISIS’s continued emergence.

“We are very much in the grip of what I believe is the Third World War. It may be the beginning but we are in it.”

Howells agreed with this declaration, and went on to add, “[T]his may be the conflict, like those two previous great wars, that define global conflict.”

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