‘Rampant’ Voter Fraud Reported Across U.S.

Fact checked

“Rampant” voter fraud is being reported across swing states in the US and all of it is in favour of the Democrats.


The following link has a list of numbers you can call if you suspect fraud taking place: FreedomWorks’ 2012 guide for reporting fraud

Information Liberation reports:

The Democrats are going to be doing everything they can to STEAL this election from Donald Trump. There are trillions of dollars on the line and you can bet your bottom dollar the establishment will do everything in their power to prevent Trump from winning. Obama even went so far as to tell illegal immigrants they shouldn’t “fear” voting because no one will be “investigating” them. We the people do need to be investigating them by all legal means and catching them in the act on camera.



  1. Democracy has failed us. The people need to stand tall guns in hand and take this country back from the the corrupted politicans and companies that control our everyday actions. MAKE American great again at any cost.

  2. IF HITLER Y steals this election, it’s the LIBERALS fault when WW3 starts & all our freedom is lost – THEN i wish death to those who voted for this SATAN SCUM BITCH

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