Russian Bombers Destroy ISIS HQ In Syria

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Russia claims they have destroyed ISIS headquarters in Syria.

The Ministry of Defense said on Thursday that Russian strategic bombers had fired salvos of cruise missiles at command centers and several oil and weapons facilities of the so called Islamic State or ISIS in Syria.

The ISIS de facto capital, Raqqa, and the largest city in eastern Syria, Deir-Ez-Zur, came under intensive bombing.

The Moscow Times reports:

The attack was the third major strike in Syria in recent days, and follows Russia’s announcement on Tuesday that a Russian airliner which crashed in Egypt last month killing 224 people was downed by a terrorist bomb.

isis hq
ISIS HQ in Raqqa

Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov said in a post on the Defense Ministry’s Facebook page that Tu-95M3 strategic bombers launched 12 cruise missiles against targets near Aleppo and Idlib in Syria on Thursday morning, and a group of Tu-22M3 bombers conducted intensive raids hours later near Raqqa and Deir-Ez-Zur.

Kartapolov said the strikes had destroyed Islamic State headquarters, at least three oil and ammunition storage facilities, bomb factories, command centers, three refineries and a mortar plant.




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