George Soros Orchestrates Devastating Plan To Kill 100,000 Haitians

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Famine to be used as a ‘weapon of war’: Billionaire globalist George Soros plans to starve Haiti as refugee wave threatens collapse of Puerto Rico

George Soros plans to killed Haitians in manufactured famine plot

George Soros is planning to kill over 100,000 Haitians via an orchestrated famine, as large numbers of residents in Haiti are due to be kicked out of the country over a lack of funds in renewing their residence permits. 

In the next few months these Haitians are expected to make the treacherous journey to Puerto Rico on rickety boats which experts claim will lead to starvation of nearly all who attempt it. reports:

Over 140,000 Haitians currently residing inside of Dominican soil are slated to be asked to pay 350 dollars to renew their residence permits, something which most will not be able to do as the economy has industrialized rapidly in recent years, squeezing out sugar field laborers and their children.

Since most of these Haitians grew up speaking Spanish, they are unlikely to return to French-speaking Haiti.

Haiti has refused to grant passports to all but 30,000 individuals, citing its status as a failed state unable to verify people’s identity in refusing to recognize its own people.

In the coming months, over 100,000 Haitians will be forced to decide if they want to return to Haiti or if they want to try their luck on a rickety boat, making it to Puerto Rico and thus US soil, where they could claim to be stateless.

Most of the Haitians slated to be given an exit order will likely head for Puerto Rico, since the globalists have been waging a war against the very core of Haiti’s humanity, starving the population en masse.

100,000 people won’t make the trip to starvation in Haiti; they’ll rush Puerto Rico, an island where a wall cannot be built to protect from the coming invasion.

The Department of Homeland Security has already signed a drone treaty with the Dominican government to patrol the waters between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, but without a wall between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the Homeland may as well be wide open to a population of starving people just one spark away from igniting an exodus of biblical proportions.

The cash-strapped Puerto Rican government won’t be able to build refugee camps for even 5,000 people, let alone 100,000. The entire island faces the prospect of turning into a FEMA refugee camp, with the population subjugated by Border Patrol guards with near-martial law powers.

If Puerto Rico does not soon become a state, there is almost no way that it will be accepted with a population of impoverished Spanish speakers of Haitian descent, especially as the native population faces terminal decline.

The coming exodus of Spanish-speaking Haitians from the Dominican Republic promise to reshape the Caribbean in greater ways than has been seen since the Spanish-American war of 1898, and one accidentally-sunk ship is all it would take to set the region on fire.


  1. George Soros is the personification of evil. This man is an oxygen wasting mass of human flesh that needs to be eradicated from the face of this earth.

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