Putin Warns Enemies ‘If You Try To Bite Russia, We’ll Knock Out Your Teeth’

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President Putin

President Vladimir Putin has issued a stark warning to those who are are intent on bringing about the breakup of Russia.

Putin said that Russia’s enemies are afraid of the size and the resources of his country.

The country’s foreign foes dream about biting off pieces of the country’s vast territory, Putin claimed warning that “If you try to bite Russia, we’ll knock out your teeth

RT reports: In a speech on Tuesday to the ‘Victory’ organizing committee, which is responsible for memorializing those killed in the Second World War, the Russian leader claimed that “everyone wants to bite us somewhere, or to bite something off of us.” If or when this happens, he said the country will “knock out the teeth” of those who try. He said that Russia’s size and its natural resources meant that rivals would always find reasons to attempt to clip its wings as it grew stronger.

“As one of our emperors said, ‘Our enormity terrifies everybody,’” Putin added. The full quote, attributed to Tsar Alexander III, claims this is the reason that “Russia has no friends.”

The president went on to criticize those who claim that the country’s natural resources – much of them in lumber, minerals and energy reserves in the vast expanses of Siberia – should not belong to one country alone. “It’s strange to hear these things, especially in public, but they sometimes come up,” he said.

Russian officials have repeatedly attributed a quote to former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, in which she purportedly claimed that “the colossal natural resources of Siberia should not belong to Russia alone.” However, there is no clear evidence that Albright said this, and she herself has denied that these were her words. However, the idea that Russia could disintegrate or be broken up has been a longstanding concern within the country, with some Western analysts arguing in favor of the idea.


  1. please Putin, please. My respect for Putin. My loyalty is to God. Certainly not this illegitimate president we found ourselves with.

    • He knows America isnt russias enemy Look when England and France United to try to invade America and steal it back by force it was Tsar of Russia who sent the entire russian fleet to Americas defense and saved them from imperialism of Russias enemies ,who once they had America would then have been able to invade Russia and steal her too .You probably have never heard of it because they hide the truth and deceive everyone they can whenever they can EVERY way they can about everything .They con and manipulate using secret societies and medias and education and medicine and EVERY science they can They totally deceive. Satan the Great Deceiver . Nothing is what it seems ways the same ,always the opposite Black and white They will tell you black is white and white is black and if you are ” good” ,if you want to stick your grubby fingers into their lolly bag you will agree .Without question .

      • Always the same ,always the opposite And because Tsar Alexander did that and McKinley was his friend they killed them both Murdered them both And used propagandas to cover their acts with smokescreen puppets.

        • But see Putin knows the public are ” totally fooled ” marilyn monroe, they killed her too, and so he has to ” play the game ” by the deceivers rules And so they ENTRAP everyone into their corner, having to play by their roles and that’s how they use secrecy to deceive the while world ,with just a handful of people pulling the string of the multitude And look even tbe queen if england with the services of the entire english spy and secret services and military and police and public service at her fingertips has bern totally cornered by them Because they get the kids in school and take control over their minds then and use them as double agents to invade and infiltrate her networks and tbey get them into key positions of power That’s why now for the first time in 500 years Cathilics gave access to the Chapel Royal again and why now the Queen gas signed the Perth Act whereby again ,for the first time in 500 years a Cathilic can marry into the Royal Family again .Things they use msm to glide from the people do they dont REALLY get any news that is newsworthy . So deceived that they even when they do get it ,they font understand the important from the trivial .Always the same always the opposite Nothung NOTHING !!! Is what it seems

          • And look how they use technology Look at the typos in there and do you think auto corrupt underlined them or corrected them ? Nuh .

    • Howdy Ron360. He’s talking about Russia’s “Near Abroad” doctrine. Any former country that was part of the Soviet Union or close ally will not be allowed to develop close economic ties with the West or join NATO. If it does, it will be invaded by Russia and annexed to it. Putin made that declaration months before Russia’s invasion of Georgia and 6 years before Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. It is, for all intent and purpose, the reconstitution of the old USSR; with the dictatorship but without the Communism. Putin sees the former client countries as an integral part of Russia, and will go to war to hold onto them. The Near Abroad doctrine has required a return of the old USSR’s Cold War policies. Specifically, the buildup of all the USSR’s nuclear and conventional forces, the support of governments and terrorist organizations hostile to the West, and the territorial expansion of Russia into the Arctic; but without COCOM or any practical defensive military parity by the West. The West is defending itself by pretending Russia’s Near Abroad doctrine does not exist. It hopes profitable trade with Russia will enrich Russia to the point were it developed closer ties to the West, rather than enriching Russia to the point where Russia feels it can take from the West by force.

        • Howdy Ron360. You faced off the Warsaw Pack when the US military and its international support was at its worst; and the USSR was dangerously unstable. Thank you for helping to protect us all. Now I’m going to go out, cook a hamburger on the grill, have a plate of potato salad and beans, and raise my glass to Ron360. Take care.

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