Senator Hawley: Democrats Want a Borderless America

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Senator Josh Hawley says Democrats want a borderless United States of America

Senator Josh Hawley has warned that the Democratic Party is purposefully allowing the migrant crisis to worsen, and claims they are “executing their plan” to completely remove America’s borders.

Hawley declared that he will refuse to support any amnesty plan as a trade off for promises of securing the border.

“The truth is, we shouldn’t have to trade anything to get the enforcement of our laws at our own southern border,” Hawley told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham.

“I just say, this Biden administration is getting exactly what they want at the southern border. This is a 14,000 a day illegal surge. They’ve known about this, they have known this would happen. This is what they want,” Hawley added. reports: The Senator continued, “They don’t want a border. They don’t want there to be Customs and Border Patrol, they don’t want there to be I.C.E., they don’t want there to be immigration enforcement. This is their plan and they are executing it.”

“The Democrats are willing to turn over our sovereign southern border to the biggest human trafficking operation in the world,” Hawley added, referring to the cartels, and asserting “They’re willing to let them have it.”

“You’re concerned about kids. Well, the Democrats want to give the cartels, who are smuggling children, control of the border. You’re concerned about crime. The Democrats want to give the cartels control of the border,” Hawley declared.

Hawley also said that his state of Missouri is “awash in illegal drugs, with fentanyl, methamphetamine in our state. It’s not coming from inside Missouri. It’s coming across the border. That is all courtesy of Joe Biden.”

“And I tell you what,” Hawley further proclaimed, “It’s time to hold this guy accountable. And it’s time for the House of Representatives to do their job and to impeach (Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro) Mayorkas.”


Hawley also expressed a desire to permanently extend Title 42 by statute, which would continue to allow CBP to turn back migrants based on health risks.

The Senator’s comments come after another week of intense activity at the border, with thousands of migrants attempting to cross every day:

Those numbers are about to explode due to the scheduled ending of Title 42:

Even the likes of MSNBC and CBS News are describing the situation as “unsustainable”:

Last week Biden claimed there are “more important things” going on than the border crisis.

Biden has also said nothing about the recent death of a Border Patrol agent.


  1. I’ve wanted a borderless WORLD since I was about 16.
    They have no right to make us their property as “citizens” of their nation We are not their chattells. We are not dogs to be microchippedcand kept in securely fenced yards..
    We do not have to pay them for the permission to cross borders
    They can get f Ed.
    We don’t need them as our good shepherd’s.

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