Woman Could Face 10 Years Jail For Giving Thirsty Pigs A Drink

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thirsty pigs

Animal welfare activist Anita Krajnc just couldn’t stand the sight of pigs sweltering on a hot June day while being transferred in trucks to slaughterhouses.

She usually intervenes and starts watering the thirsty pigs.  But her concern for thirsty pigs has landed the Canadian activist with the threat of a 10 year prison term.

The Telegraph reports:

What was meant as a humanitarian gesture has now left Ms Krajnc facing the threat of up to 10 years in a Canadian jail or a potential fine of nearly £2,500.

On Monday, the latest chapter in what is becoming a global cause celebre for animal rights activists will be played out at a court in Milton, Ontario, when a judge will set a trial date for Ms Krajnc, who has been charged with “criminal mischief”.

Under Canadian law, pigs are treated as property and can be transported for up to 36 hours without food, water or rest.

thirsty pigs
Anita Krajnc

That is not good enough for Ms Krajnc, 48, who earns her living as a consultant on a number of animal welfare projects and runs Toronto Pig Save.

Vegan Gains YouTube video:

thirsty pigs
Anita Krajnc

The group stands by the roadside in wait for passing pig trucks, and then pokes water and fruit through the slats in the trailer. However, those involved in the pig transportation industry say the group’s activities risk endangering the pigs and can also pose a road safety hazard.

Matters came to a head on June 22 when a driver working for Van Boekel Hog Farms was carrying a pig trailer, into which Ms Krajnc and her supporters poked water bottles.

There was a confrontation with the truck driver, who demanded she stop watering the pigs.

The following day, Ms Krajnc was told by police that there had been a complaint against her.

thirsty pigsAccording to court documents, Ms Krajnc sprayed “an unknown liquid into the trailer where the hogs were situated”.

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