Uncovered: Secret MoD Alien Research Centre In Farnborough, UK

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British Area 51? Paranormal investigators claim to have discovered a top-secret Ministry of Defence (MoD) alien research centre hidden deep underground in a UK UFO hotspot.


A 109-page report has been released by the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) following an investigation into the former MoD Defence Evaluation and Research Agency site in Farnborough.

Specialist defence, security and aerospace developer Qinetiq, currently runs the site.

BEAMS say that Farnborough has had a lot of UFO sighting and alien abduction activity for years and believe this might be connected to the alleged secret base.

Could this be the British version of the top secret Area 51 in Nevada?

According to the Express :

The group is convinced there is as much underground as above and what goes on there involves aliens, UFOs, intergalactic defence and futuristic flight development.

Their bizarre theory is based upon cryptic alien symbols they have “discovered” within the site, alleged intelligence service whistleblower testimonies, and the responses from psychic researchers, the report claims.

The BEAMS website says it was set up in 1991 as as a non profit-making studies group into the paranormal.

It said: “We have set up a network of active investigators who relay their gathered information through to our HQ.

“As reporters of the truth, duties of the BEAMS Team include research, interviewing, photography and journalism.”

Two of its key researchers, chairman Kenneth Parsons and his “alien abductee” partner Hilary Porter, carried out the “inquiry” and said evidence of the underground areas came from government whistleblowers.

But they said the smoking gun evidence for the secret base were cryptic signs in the building and on site.

The couple concluded that part of the site’s road system has been made to look like an alien being depicted in ancient Aboriginal paintings in Australia, as a sign of the base’s significance.

On top of this they said part of the building has been made to look like a flying saucer.

The report said: “As with the top-secret Area 51 in Nevada, and how that officially did “not exist” for decades…if what we are about to expose ‘does not exist’ either (as it is bound to be claimed), then our Government/military have absolutely nothing to fear from us talking about it – do they?”

The pair claimed the Qinetiq site was the biggest of three secret underground facilities, also in the UK, including two other suspected ones.

Case closed: The ‘smoking gun’ evidence for Qinetiq site being UK Area 51

Their report said Government whistleblowers had revealed: “Officers at Chicksands regularly simulated possible outcomes of nuclear war with their counterparts operating from an underground command centre beneath Qinetiq in Farnborough.

“One source (who holds a sensitive government post) says that he knows several people currently employed at British underground facilities where acquired alien technology and genetics programmes are being carried out.”

The couple said the Cody technology park was also under tight security with armed guards and secret cameras.

But the clincher, in their opinion, was the roundabout system near the main building.

Referring to an aerial slide of the roadways on site, which highlighted this roundabout, the report said: “We suggest that this is a stylised, diagrammatic representation of a grey/reptilian figure – just like the Aboriginal supreme creator paintings attempted to portray – which is only visible like this from the air.”

Posing the question “why was it there?”, the report said: “Why incorporate a massive image of an alien, or supreme creator within a top secret subterranean military site – somewhere so sensitive that it is virtually our own British equivalent of the Area 51 complex in Nevada.”

They surmised that the powers behind the site were confident the public would never see through their cryptic code, but “those” who needed to would recognise it instantly.

Besides, if the roundabout did not do the trick, there was more.

The couple concluded the roof and canopy of the main building had purposely been designed in the shape of a flying saucer just to hammer home the purpose of the secret base to those in the know.

They said the existence of the “underground” parts of the site described by “sources” were further proved by Qinetiq’s involvement in mining coupled with a strange rumbling noise they allegedly heard a cross Farnborough over the last 15 years, which they deduced was it being secretly expanded.

Three so-called psychic remote viewers given the name of the site, but no more details, as part of the research, also came back with descriptions of a highly technological and disturbing underground base, they claimed.

Not convinced? Neither are some other UFO investigators.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFOs: The Nazi Connection, said: “It sounds like they are trying to bring a lot of separate things to make (something) whole.”

But he added that “the idea” of alien or flying saucer bases being underground was “nothing new”, dating back to at least 1962, when Albert Bender, founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, claimed that alien beings took him to an underground HQ in Antarctica.

He said: “Sceptics think such stories are the product of malicious disinformation or fantasies, yet that doesn’t stop people believing in their existence. Perhaps if we all go under that flying saucer ‘shelter’ we might all believe.”

An MoD spokesman said: “We do not comment on UFO matters.”

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